Mediation Services Hit By Legal Aid Cuts

by PaulReflect October 24, 2013 Mediation

Prior to the removal of Legal Aid for a number of areas of law, including family disputes, many solicitors warned that the cuts could have drastic consequences. It now appears that these fears have been realised as latest Ministry of Justice figures show that the number of families attending mediation services has dropped significantly since […]

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The advantages of seeing a lawyer before family mediation

by Tim Bishop July 30, 2013 Mediation

The delay, expense and hostility involved in court divorce is leading many couples to choose family mediation as an alternative way to divorce. Using mediation, spouses can work towards a separation agreement fairly swiftly but in order for this agreement to be binding, both parties must have a lawyer advising them. Although it may seem […]

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Online and Alternative Dispute Resolution Changes – more unecessary EU meddling ?

by evolvedlegal April 7, 2013 Mediation

In November 2011 the European Commission explained their desire for new legislation relating to both alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) and online dispute resolution (“ODR”). The relevant Directives have recently been approved by the European Parliament and from 2015 the new rules will become effective.  The aim of the changes, according to business law experts,  is […]

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A Healthcare Headache_ The Growing Challenges of Retaining New Nurses

by edralyn March 8, 2013 Employment Law

Being nervous about starting a new job is natural, but in the nursing industry, some statistics say that the career is prone to particularly high turnover rates, especially among nurses who have recently graduated. Experts say that as older nurses retire, it could result in a shortage of over a quarter million nurses by the […]

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Rising Drug Costs: Myth or Reality?

by edralyn January 9, 2013 Finance

The cost of prescription drugs seems to be on a never-ending climb. Newspaper articles commonly discuss the plights of patients who need life-saving drugs but opt not to take them because of the extra expense. In this erratic economy, many people struggle to put food on the table, let alone pay for the drugs to […]

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