How a degree in law can lead a bright future in any industry

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ on September 30, 2013

How can a law degree can lead to a bright future in any industry? This post explains the importance of staying positive. And see also our guide to some of the top legal recruitment agencies in addition to the information below:-

Since the financial crisis of 2008 there hasn’t been much good news for graduates. But as the results of a recent survey have revealed, it looks like things are taking a turn for the better. The survey, which was conducted by High Fliers Research, revealed that the number of advertised graduate vacancies is up by 4.6 per cent – meaning that this year’s graduates have the most positive prospects since 2008.

Prospects are particularly positive for law graduates, with a separate survey from the Higher Education Statistics Agency revealing that law firms offer the second highest graduate salary after investment banks. But a career in law isn’t the only option available to you if you’re a law graduate, as a degree in this subject can make you a highly desirable candidate for jobs in other industries.

If you have a law degree and want to have a better idea of the transferable skills you’ve gained through your studies, or if you’re an employer who is considering employing a law graduate, then read on to find out about three of the many valuable skills gained through studying for a degree in law.


Throughout their studies, law students are required to master specialised legal research skills, and this experience makes them excellent researchers in general. Law students are also familiar with using a variety of sources to conduct their research, from verbal questioning to analysing complex documents.

Research skills are highly valued in a huge variety of industries, so if you’re a law graduate then be sure to emphasise your ability as a researcher on any job applications. You can also demonstrate this skill by thoroughly researching the roles you’re applying for as well as the background of each company.  

Analytical skills

One of the most important skills developed by law students is the ability to analyse and evaluate complex information, but on top of this, law students have to be able to explain that information in a way that will be clear to others. The ability to analyse and think critically is something that’s gained through many higher education courses, but having the skill to simplify information and present it back to others is much rarer. If you’re a law graduate then be sure to emphasise this to prospective employers, as it will set you apart from other candidates.

Presentation skills

Throughout their studies, law students are expected to develop confident and persuasive oral communication skills, even if they have no intention of becoming a barrister. This skill is an advantage in pretty much any profession, as no matter where you work, having the ability to communicate effectively with co-workers and clients is a necessity.

If you’re a law student looking for work in other industries, make sure to emphasise this skill in any applications, and make an effort to demonstrate your confidence in interviews. Present your application to prospective employers as a well-reasoned and evidenced argument and hopefully it will be enough to persuade them to give you the job!

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