Does a Distance Degree in Law Prove to be Worthwhile?

by melissa on March 13, 2012

AUTHOR BIO – Melissa Spears takes the initiative in providing thought concerning contents related to education and the growth of distance learning or online education. In this article, she determines the credibility of an online law degree.

“With great knowledge comes great power” – this age-old saying time and again finds a new meaning with every individual seeking a career in law. Getting a degree in law during your graduating years is sure to open for you plethora of job opportunities; however, it is also to be kept in mind that you need to always upgrade yourself to sustain in the legal filed. Now, when it comes to sustaining in the richly competitive world, earning a degree via distance learning comes across as one of the most feasible solutions for career-oriented individuals.

Well, pursuing a degree via distance education might seem easy to you, but the challenge lies within. The American Bar Association that issues the accreditation for allowing individuals to take the bar exam does not provide the official approval to all the online law schools conducting programs in the country.

However, do not despair, as the strictness does not compel you to stay away from earning a degree via distance learning. California is the only state that supports your educational pursuits providing a ticket to the degree holders for appearing at the bar exam. Therefore, when you are choosing an online law program, always make sure to enroll at a course that is well accredited.

A degree obtained from these schools of law also allows you to practice law in the state. The Committee of Bar Examiners or the State Bar of California states some prerequisites that are essential to be met for witnessing a prospering career in the field of law. Here, is a look –

  • Every student must complete the pre-legal schooling prior to taking a seat at the bar exam.
  • The minimum prerequisite states an individual to complete college-level profession for at least two years matching the credits of 60 semesters with an equal GPA or more than the requirement.
  • Individuals wishing to appear at the bar exam must ensure that they have had classes for 864 hours in the program of distance learning
  • It is also important that you have a look at the accreditation issue of the particular online school that is committee registered.
  • It is also required for you to register with the State Bar of California prior to appearing at the bar exam.
  • Prior to starting with the practice, it is essential for you to get the character certificate provided following the committee evaluation.
  • It is also required for you to earn a qualification in the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination aimed to test your skills in the conduct of law.

Earning a degree in law via distance learning certainly helps to make a mark in the career. However, it is essential for you to take your steps cautiously to earn maximum value of the degree.

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