Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – Why You Want One on Your Side

by David Faltz on November 27, 2012

While nobody ever really wants to have to make a phone call to a motorcycle accident lawyer, there may be a time where you unfortunately will need to consider doing so. The reality of life is accidents can and do happen. Whether one can happen to you is simply a roll of the dice. But in the event that you are involved in a vehicular collision on your motorcycle that was not due to any negligence on your part—you will assuredly want a motorcycle accident lawyer handling your affairs and matters.

Fixing Your Bike

One of the first things that most riders think about is: “What about fixing my bike!” This common woe is an issue that will need to be addressed if you are to get your ride back in order. Without a motorcycle accident lawyer on your side, however, you could be facing an uphill battle with insurance adjusters and repair shops that are unwilling to use quality parts. With a lawyer, you can more easily get your biked repaired at the shop that you designate using OEM parts.

Finding Doctors for Rehabilitation

In most cases of vehicular accidents there is personal injury involved. Since bikes do not have that protective shell that vehicles do, there is often a significant amount of injury involved. With a motorcycle accident lawyer representing your rights, you can find doctors who will wait for payment until your case settles. This enables you to get the treatment that you need while your attorney fights for a fair settlement to cover your medical bills.

Being Compensated for Your Pain and Suffering

During the healing process it is not uncommon to experience pain, suffering and emotional trauma. The process can be lengthy, arduous and expensive. Sometimes you may be left with permanent scars and damage. The primary goal of a motorcycle accident lawyer is to fight for your right to fair compensation for these injuries, and for your pain and suffering. While you are healing, they will be hard at work fighting for you.

Handling the Insurance Companies

The insurance companies will try to give you the run around and will try to get you to settle for the least amount of money as is possible. They are in the business of making money; not losing it. When you have a Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer on your side (see also this guide to Five Fantastic Phoenix Lawyers), however, they suddenly change their tune and are much more willing to negotiate with you.

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