WSJ Reports – Hourani v. Mirtchev: Court Dismisses Frivolous Lawsuit with Prejudice

by informedlawyer on May 29, 2013

A very interesting legal case that was reported in the Wall Street Journal. This highly interesting ruling ends a five year harassment and smear campaign led by the Houranis against a well respected citizen. 

Interesting ruling for lawyers interested in international law and civil actions. Here a link to the Wall Street Journal Article which is of great interest:


Richard W. Beckler, a partner at Bracewell & Giuliani LLP representing Dr. Alexander Mirtchev and Krull Corporation in Hourani v. Mirtchev in the U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., issued the below statement following the judge’s Order dismissing the Houranis’ civil action with prejudice yesterday:

We are pleased with Judge Hogan’s decision to dismiss the Complaint, just as the Houranis’ previous claims were dismissed in this Court and various jurisdictions around the world. The allegations in the lawsuit were based on implausible conspiracy theories, contradictory statements, and “documents” proven to be forgeries. The judge’s decision to dismiss the complaint with prejudice, thus preventing the Houranis from refiling their baseless claims, and the judge’s recognition of the merits of our request for sanctions against the plaintiffs and their lawyers, should put an end to the harassment and smear campaign against our client and prevent any further misuse of our U.S. legal system to do so.

This now-dismissed Complaint was part of a five-year harassment and smear campaign that has been orchestrated by former Kazakhstan KGB (now KNB) head Major General Rakhat Aliyev, an international fugitive from justice with a well-known agenda. General Aliyev’s campaign of implausible conspiracy theories, forged “documents” and lies has had a number of targets, ranging from heads of state, presidents, prime ministers and royalty, to members of the executive and legislative branches in the US and others countries, and others, such as our client. His campaign of lies has been peddled not only in U.S. courts but also in international tribunals, in various international media outlets, and on the internet.

General Aliyev’s key proxies in this matter have been his in-laws, brothers Issam and Devincci Hourani. This Complaint represented the “third bite at the apple” for the Houranis, after their previous claims in this court and before an international tribunal were also dismissed. As proven by the Court’s decision, these proceedings lack credibility and are an abuse of the legal process. General Aliyev and his proxies’ five-year campaign has failed to generate negative public or legal results, or other significant impacts, for our client. Yesterday’s decision should put an end to this harassment of our client.


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