What to Do When You Are Wrongfully Arrested

by Georgina Mills on July 3, 2013

While most of us prepare for the unlikely event of a fire, mugging or hurricane, not so many people put much thought into making a plan if arrested, especially if it’s for the wrong reasons. This means that you might be floundering in the water with no real strategy of how to get yourself through this troubling time. To help you in this area, here are a few tips about what to do in this situation. With this advice, you’ll have a better chance of getting rid of any future allegations.

Remember Your Rights

Once the police arrive, it is all too easy for panic to set in. This state of mind can cause you to blab about anything and everything to the authorities in order to try and free yourself or someone else from guilt. Without a criminal lawyer present though, this action can lead to further problems later on once you go to court. To avoid this, remember to keep your mouth shut. You always have the right to remain silent and wait for proper legal counsel to arrive instead.

Insist on a Search Warrant

If the police ask you if they can look through your home for evidence, you might be tempted to just say yes to prove that you’re innocent. After all, if you willingly help with the cops, this will surely play in your favour, right? This is where you’re wrong though, as having the proper documentation is certainly the most helpful course of action. Always ask for a search warrant so that you have a list of what they were looking for and how they conducted the search. This can then be presented as evidence later on.

Hire a Qualified Solicitor

You’ll also need the right type of assistance when it comes to fighting the charges that have been unfairly laid against you. Rather than hiring any old lawyer though, work with someone such as GTStewart who knows the criminal defence back to front. The more knowledgeable your solicitor is about your specific kind of case, the higher the chances that you’ll be able to fight off any allegations laid against you. Take the time to find a qualified lawyer and be ready to face these legal issues.

Be Ready for the Fees

In order to prove your innocence, you’ll need to take the case to court where the judge (and possibly a jury) will stand before you. This, of course, will cost a fair bit so you’ll need to be ready for the hefty price tag that comes with this sort of action. Unfortunately, there is no way around this if you want to clear your name. If you opt for the plea bargain, a reduced sentence at a lower fee without the need to go to court, you’ll still end up with a criminal record. This will then lead to inconveniences, such as travel restrictions and community service, so it is better to pay extra to clear your name completely.

Reach Out for Assistance

Once you’re wrongly accused of a crime, you might think that you’re alone in your fight against your country’s legal system. This is far from the truth though, as you should always be able to find a family member or close friend who can support you through this difficult period. One of the positives of this time is that you’ll find out who your real friends are too, as a lot of people won’t want to associate with you because of the charges brought against you. Think positively though and stick with those who truly care to gain the support you need.

About the Author: GTStewart is a London-based law firm that provides legal aid in the event of false imprisonment, assault, malicious prosecution, wrongful arrest, or other case.

Georgina Mills

Georgina Mills

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