What Makes for a Good Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago, Illinois?

by Illinoisinjurylawyer on May 8, 2013

Whenever you are seeking a great personal injury attorney in Illinois, you have to take a step back to make sure that you know what the best should actually be offering. The following is a list of some of the traits that you should look for with your attorney. When you find the right attorney, and you can ensure that they have a great reputation in the field, you are going to be able to rest easy at night. You deserve to have the top attorneys in the area on your case no matter what type of personal injury you or a loved one might’ve suffered. See also our guide to five top Chicago lawyers for additional sources of potential legal help.


An intelligent attorney is always a benefit. While you might think that all attorneys are intelligent based on the amount of schooling they have, there is a difference. Someone who has true intelligence and who will be able to handle everything that comes his or her way is going to be better for your case than someone who only has book knowledge.


The attorney is going to need to be able to deal with the rigors of an investigation for your personal injury case. While some of the firms will have investigators who can help in this matter, the personal injury attorney in Chicago, Illinois needs to be able to receive and read – and understand – police reports as well as how they apply to your case. He or she needs to be able to gather witnesses as well.


Sometimes, these cases might seem like they are going to drag on, and the negotiations can be frustrating. Your personal injury attorney in Chicago, Illinois needs to have unwavering diligence when this happens. You do not want to have an attorney who is merely going to settle at the first sniff of an offer. You need to have an attorney who is going to be able to fight for you and ensure that you actually receive the compensation and damages you deserve for your injury.

Education and Experience

All attorneys have education, but you want to make sure that your personal injury attorney in Chicago, Illinois has actual education that is going to help with your type of case. The same is true of experience. An attorney with 50 years of experience in one area of the law might not be the right choice for you if your case is dealing with something else entirely. Choose an attorney who has experience that matters to your case.

Written and Oral Skills

Your personal injury attorney in Chicago, Illinois needs to be able to come across as intelligent and professional. This means that the speaking skills and the writing skills of the attorney need to be exemplary. While this might be difficult to judge from a consultation, you will be able to get a sense of the professionalism the attorney has, as well as the pride he or she has in the job. Take the time to find and choose the attorney that’s right for you.

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