What causes car accidents?

by Thompsons Solicitors on October 20, 2010

There are numerous causes and factors that can contribute to occurrence of car accidents, yet some of them are more common than others.

Car accidents are often associated with careless or aggressive driving, speeding, not using a seat-belt or using a mobile phone while driving. Moreover, falling asleep, harsh weather, alcohol, drugs and drunk driving as well as animals on the road are factors that can cause car accidents and crashes.

However, it is driving distraction that has become a leading cause of car accidents. The research shows that nearly 80% of crashes involve some form of driver inattention. It can be either a cognitive distraction or a visual distraction or a combination of both. The scientists have shown that even small details such as blink rate and pattern of eye glances are all crucial when examining the issue. What this means to all people involved in the traffic (drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and others) is that extreme care should be taken when being on the road in order to avoid car accidents. Even those who drive their cars with at most care, may be distracted by an external factor and become a hazard on the road and cause a car accident.

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