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by pagemoney on August 16, 2013

Many lawyers drop a significant amount of money on traditional marketing. Case in point: look at all of those attorney billboards the next time you drive down the interstate.

While these options are good, online video marketing is another way to reach a lot of people – potentially more than a billboard, and 10 times more powerful. There are several ways to market using video, (I use Empower Network) and the information below may help.

1. Answer Premium Law Questions

Some people do not understand the world of law. They may not be aware of their various rights and how to handle a specific situation. For example, a person may wish to sue somebody over a serious injury. However, they may suffer from confusion and an inability to move forward. A lawyer can create a video that discusses the matter and post it on a social media website. The person who asked the question can seek an answer quickly and easily, and then they will more than likely be seeking a lawyer to help them out…this is the ultimate segway for natural business!

2. Use Client Testimonials

It is an excellent idea for a lawyer to ask former clients to provide testimonials. Some people may wish to talk about the wonderful experience of working with a certain lawyer, and a lawyer may send the message to people on the Internet that a certain firm is trustworthy. It does not take a lot of time or money to create a testimonial video. If schedules are tight, it is possible to create a video in an afternoon before starting on editing. However, a person should not rush the completion of the video as this may lead to reduced quality. The testimonial may seem false, and people will not trust it.

3. Educational Videos

The world of law is daunting, and people on the street may not carry even basic knowledge of how to handle their rights. If a law firm wishes to stand out from the competition, it is a great idea to post tutorials. For example, a person may wish to create a video that discusses how to fill out a form. The person in charge of the video may also wish to discuss the latest news and discoveries in the world of law. This is something to keep in mind.

It is not necessary to spend a significant amount of money on exposure for a law firm in the local community. A firm does not have to push the envelope in order to stand out from the crowd. A lawyer may help bring in business by creating videos and posting them on the web. Videos may cover many subjects, but it would be wise to stick to your niche. In essence, you want to become the YouTube authority of the law you practice. As far as production quality, you can opt to just shoot a video using your smartphone, but investing in some web graphic tools is never a bad idea so you can create graphic introductions in all of your videos. This helps your videos appear more professional.

In closing, it is time for lawyers to get with the times. We live in a digital age, and the world continues to become more web-centric (tablets and smartphones, people). Lawyers have a chance to capitalize (or miss out) in the next 5-10 years, depending on the route they choose.
Tanner Mangum is a tech publisher and digital nomad.

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