Top 10 Ancient Laws Way Ahead Of Their Time

by johne1 on February 28, 2013

Law and legal matters are the important things that we have to be well aware of all the time. There are different kinds of laws all over the world regarding different subjects. Among them, let us see some important ancient laws which are standing even today with great importance.

1) Animal rights: Using the animals for our pleasure in circuses and other sports is illegal. In circuses, they use a number of animals like horses, elephants, chimpanzees, hippos, rhinos and monkeys for performing. Big cats are also tortured heavily in circuses. This law bans using the animals in circuses and sport activities.

2) Law is the supreme power and no one is above law: This is another important law which has been standing tall since ancient times. During ancient times, in the history of Europe, there were no elected governments. Only autocratic monarchs were ruling all over the world. It was believed that kings were in charge of gods, and they were above law, but now it’s clearly understood that no one is above law.

3) Regulation of the income: This law says that no one is permitted to keep the money which belongs to others. If you have to pay some money to someone else, give him that immediately. If you are getting some work done by some daily wage worker, pay him the wages immediately.

4) Equal justice under law: This simply says that all are equal before law. No matter whether you are rich or poor, intelligent or dull, a billionaire or a beggar, you are always the same in front of the eyes of law. You will not be exempted from punishment for the simple reason that you are rich.

5) Sicut Judaeis (Constitution For The Jews): This is yet another important part of basic law. This law says that the judge shouldn’t have any prejudices about the culprit while giving the judgment.

6) Sublimes Dei (castes and creed): This is also yet another important law which was protecting the rights of people from all castes and creed. There are many basic and fundamental rights of people which need to be conserved and this law does that perfectly.

7) No incest: This is a law which protects the right of women. Women are being harassed and tortured mentally and sexually by man since time immemorial. This law prevents men from harassing women and offers severe punishment if ever he does such a thing, either mentally or physically.

8) Working off the debts: This is yet another law which deals with matters related to debts. You might have debts from some other person or some institution or bank etc. this law helps you to deal with such debt related matters.

9) Abolition of slavery: This is yet another law which bans slavery completely. In earlier days, white people held a large number of blacks as slaves. Children below the age of ten were also kept as slaves. This law abolishes that practice.

10) Minimum wages: This is yet another law which fixes the minimum wages that must be paid to every worker in any job. The amount of minimum wages varies from place to place, nature of work and the economy of the country.


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