The Workplace Accident: Dire and Demanding

It is of the utmost importance that you get what you deserve, that is, justice for the mishaps that befell you due to another person’s negligence and callousness. Facing an accident and being injured as a consequence is bad enough by itself; the situation begins to look all the more grisly if you had never contributed to the accident even in the least. Naturally, there is nothing that can really take away the pain and the trauma of being in an accident, not even a huge compensation fought for and extracted with the most expert no win no fee solicitors; however, a fair amount of compensation can at least contribute to the alleviating of the financial burden to a certain extent, something which is almost invariably incurred upon the victim after any kind of accident.

The Consequences

Perhaps one of the most debilitating mishaps that can occur is the workplace accident. Holding a job is essential to a person’s sense of self, and being injured in an accident at work can seriously harm this sense.

If the injuries are severe enough, the victim might have to go without pay for quite some time, depending on the time taken to recover. In more serious circumstances, the person might be debilitated for life, thus being robbed of the ability to hold a job ever again. While this situation can be grave and agonising if the person concerned is single, the trauma becomes immeasurable if he or she has a family to support as well. The situation is even worse of the victim is the only earning member of the family. Since the family is almost entirely ruined financially, it is only legitimate and logical that work accident claims be filed against the negligent employer.

Analysing the Negligence

There are several ways in which an employer can be negligent toward the health and safety of its employees.

  • If the job comprises the handling of heavy machinery, the employer must provide the employees with adequate training and a thorough understanding of the safety measures to be followed while using the equipment.
  • Similarly, all the machinery needs to be checked regularly to ensure that they are in perfect working condition.
  • Protective garments are also a must in case people are working in environments that can cause physical harm to the workers.
  • Inadequate or faulty safety measures also qualify as professional negligence, like the lack of fire extinguishers and first aid, and improperly working or missing emergency exits.

Careful Claiming

Filing a no win no fee claim for compensation is an easy process in itself. However, there are several points that one must keep in mind. First of all, it is essential to ensure that you had nothing to do with the cause of the accident whatsoever, as the slightest clue that you might have avoided the mishap by being a little more careful will ensure that your case disintegrates like a house of cards. Besides, keep note of the time limit; you can file a claim in the UK within three years of being injured, or the same span from being informed of suffering from an occupation-related illness.

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