The President of the family division says the adoption process is ‘too grave’ to be a quick process

by PaulReflect on October 4, 2013

The latest legal news hears the president of the family division call the adoption process ‘sloppy’ stating that the process requires vast improvements.

Sir James Munby, the leading family court judge has stated that the social services ‘sloppy practice’ has meant that the impending 26-week timetable should be ignored and claims that the adoption process cannot speed up the 26-week window as inadequate evidence has been provided to the court.

Muny has said, “Where the proposal before the court is for non-consensual adoption, the issues are too grave, the stakes for all are too high, for the outcome to be determined by a rigorous adherence to an inflexible timetable.”

He goes on to say “We have real concerns, shared by other judges, about the recurrent inadequacy of the analysis and reasoning put forward in support of the case for adoption, both in the materials put before the court by local authorities and guardians and also in too many judgments.”

The issue surrounding the adoption process has not presented any unpredictable concerns during the court case. In fact the court was adjourned due to the lack of solid evidence after the judge said that is was ‘time to call a halt.

In July 2013 the court saw four adoption cases in a ten-day window that failed to give substantial evidence causing concerns that social services give ‘scant attention’ when it comes to ensuring a child stays with its family.

In family law news for 2011, a mother was appealing the adoption of her two children after they were removed from her home in February 2011. The mother appealed the case after the two children were placed in adoptive parents in April 2012; sadly the appeal was dismissed stating that the court and the family solicitors had the children’s best interested at heart.

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