The 5 Most High Profile Court Cases

by LitFunder on November 27, 2013

top 5 famous legal casesFrom media coverage to landmark legal developments, there are a wide variety of factors by which one can judge a ‘high profile’ court case. The five court cases listed below range from celebrity disputes to expensive courtroom battles, with each one of the highest-profile cases in its field.

1.     Barclay Brothers v. Paul McKillen, 2013

Here’s a recent case with an interesting, and devastating, financial outcome. Paddy McKillen’s unsuccessful claim for an influential ownership share in the well-known London hotel chain Claridge’s has left him with significant legal bills to repay.

With an estimated legal bill of £20 million in addition to the costs of appealing the case, the costs of this nine-year case are immense. Perhaps no case offers a better look at the high-risk, high-cost world of big business and property investment.

2.     Graiseley Properties v. Barclays Bank

This case involves a major financial claim and a scandalous financial event. Barclays Bank was one of several financial service companies involved in the LIBOR scandal in recent months.

A decision in this case is expected later this year. Over £350 trillion in transactions have been suggested as compensation claims. Several other banks involved in the LIBOR scandal, such as Bank of America and JP Morgan, are also rumoured to be defending against claims.

3.     London Underground v. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and Herbert Smith

This is an interesting case where the client’s former lawyers are the defendants. In response to poor advice that cost the London Underground as much as £140 million, the company is suing its legal advisors to recoup some of its losses.

The failed deal relates to an attempted private-public partnership with a transport company called Metronet. After the company collapsed, London Underground lost significant funds invested in the deal due to poor advice from their lawyers.

4.     Berezovsky v. Abramovich, 2012

This interesting case involved two Russian multi-billionaires. Berezovsky’s sudden death after the case made it headline news both in Russia, where both of the parties involved in the case come from, and in London, where the case went to court.

As this case involved a remarkable $5 billion claim, it became a major headline in both the legal and financial worlds. Incredibly, for such a large case, Berezovsky’s lawyers were believed to have been acting on a conditional fee basis.

5.     Prest v. Pertrodel Resources, 2013

This is an interesting case involving an expensive and turbulent divorce, a ‘piercing of the corporate veil’ and a five-year legal history. The husband may be required to give up shares in several of his companies, after disguising them as falsely belonging to shareholders.

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