Star Lawyers and their Stories

by Lilly on November 19, 2012

There are celebrities who get in trouble more often than others. There are stars who need to get a divorce. All these celebrity’s life situations are impossible to imagine without lawyers. These high-profile professionals work hard to defend their clients in courts. They are fierce and sharp. Some of them are even stars themselves.

A Fierce Defender of Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is famous for being spontaneous, provocative and even out of control. She is known for having problems with law. One of the recent scandals erupted around her DUI case.

No matter what’s going on with Miss Lohan, Shawn Chapman Holley is always by her side. This criminal defense lawyer helped her on many occasions: a jewelry theft and DUI cases are only some of them. She visited her in jail on a daily basis and eventually got her out of it.

She graduated from Southwestern Law School and UCLA and worked at public defender’s office for a while. Shawn came a long way to become a lawyer for celebrities. She always stays on top: looking professional, wearing designer’s shoes and nailing her cases. “I call a big part of my practice Celebrities Behaving Badly,” and she is definitely good at representing them. Shawn also handled DUIs for Paris Hilton Nicole Richie.

Unlike her court hearings, her private life is not on the covers of the magazines. Shawn is married to Dorian Halley a singer and a vocal coach who used to work with Michael Jackson and American Idol. They are happily married and have three children.

A Super Star of Divorce Cases

When a marriage cracks, celebrities come to Laura Wasser, a famous high-profile lawyer specializing in divorce cases. Getting a celebrity divorce means getting into a huge fight over joint property, children, assets, companies and reputation. Laura Wasser is the best at it: she handled divorce cases for Robyn Moore (Mel Gibson’s ex-wife), Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie and many more.

Laura studied at University of California, Berkeley and Loyola Law School. Her father is a celebrity lawyer as well, that’s why Laura began to enjoy the tricks of jurisprudence when she was a baby. She started her career with ending her own marriage. Laura got married when she was still a student at the age of 25. The marriage did not last long and she never re-married again. She has two children from separate relationships and lives with her beloved partner, a father of her youngest son. Laura is a fashion icon for lawyers and was even featured in Vogue magazine.

The Queen of Controversy

Gloria Allred is another high-profile lawyer who also specializes in fighting for women rights and working on controversial cases. She describes herself as “the most famous woman attorney practicing law in the nation today.” Gloria is a celebrity herself, when she walks into a courtroom her opponents should not expect an easy way out as she will fight till the end.

She grew up in Philadelphia, her father was a salesman, and her mum was a housewife. From a young age she paid attention to gender inequalities and discrimination in the American society. Her future career was predetermined by these observations Gloria graduated from Loyola Law School and became an active defender of women rights in the United States.

She represented Roman Polanski, Eddie Murphy, Rob Lowe, O.J. Simpson, and Scott Peterson.

These stories of lawyers are inspiring and empowering. Some of them did not plan on becoming lawyers while others grew up among them. American celebrities could not imagine their lives without lawyers and that’s what makes them so popular. Who knows, maybe you are destined to become one in the future?

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