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by pattersonlaw on March 10, 2013

Motoring Offences

The law and the rules of the UK highways and the areas where the public fall short on and the laws people don’t even know that they are breaking and putting their licences and jobs on the line for.

To learn to drive in the UK you must first have a provisional licence otherwise you run the risk of getting court for driving without a driving licence and this you result in getting a ban from UK roads.With Safety as a number one priority on the roads endorsements are a necessary to keep drivers under control and punishing drivers that break those laws.

If you go over 100mph or drive dangerously you will receive a driving ban where as if you break the speed limit you are likely to just receive a fine and 3 points on your licence.

A driving ban will be handed to you if you take drugs or are over the drink drive limit and are court on the UK roads.
Unlike the rest of the EU in the UK all the road signs are in MPH and not KPH which can catch out holiday makers for other countries. Speed limits are the maximum speed at which certain drivers may legally drive on a road rather than a defined appropriate speed, and in some cases the nature of a road may dictate that one should drive significantly slower than the speed limit may allow. There are a wide range of roads in the UK and as a result there are many different speed limits and this also applies to the type of vehicle, this can range from 30 mph up to 70 mph and small things can change the speed that you are able to travel at for instance having a trailer on your vehicle. There is no law in the UK that they have to repeatedly show the speed limit they do however need to show any change of speed and also when you enter a new road if there is not sign it is the same speed as the previous road. The speed limit changes a lot on the UK roads and this can be because of different factor like blind corners and junctions and also other factors like schools and hospitals another factor is if there have been accidents on that road before and they reduce the speed limit to help this.

Driving disqualification is where you are convicted of a server driving offences like drink driving or dangerous driving and you could loss you licence at once and you would be banned for a period of time.

A totting up ban is when you get multiple points over three years and if these reach 12 you will have your licence banned the court will decide for how long based of the facts of your case.

For the first two years of having a licence you are on probation as you are only able to receive 6 points on your licence before you will have your licence taken away from you and will have to retake your driving test.

To get back on the road after you have received a driving ban here are some pointers to help get your licence back.

Depending on the offence the court will decide on your sentencing and also any driving disqualifications that they wish to hand out and fines.
If you’ve have 12 or more penalty points, you could be disqualified for 6 months, if you get a second disqualification you will be banned for 12 months and a third disqualification you will be banned for 2 years.
This system is in place to stop people breaking the law and endangering the public but without punishing innocent members of the public that have just make a mistake of because of a lap of concentration.
We are a Solicitor's firm who only deal with road traffic offence law.

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