Risks for young drivers

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ on October 22, 2010

Journal on Accident Analysis and Prevention names three pillars that should be considered in car accident and road safety analysis- the design of transportation networks, vehicle standards and drivers’ behaviour standards. It is the third pillar that is the most important factor to be considered in the case of car accidents- the behaviour of drivers and also those involved in traffic is the main cause of car accidents and traffic accidents generally.

When we say ‘behaviour standards’ we can mean many different things- speeding, not using helmets or safety belts or even drink-driving.  As an example we can mention the behaviour of young drivers in UK- the research shows they sometimes lack the necessary skills for safe driving, but the far more common cause for accidents is that the young drivers are very likely to take risks. In absolute terms, young drivers have three to four times as many accidents per year as older drivers and have an average of 440 injury accidents per 100 million km driven.

For many young drivers, especially males- driving is fun, challenging, exciting and a way of testing themselves. However, the voluntary decision to take risks means that they are often balancing between the safety, the danger zone and a catastrophe.

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