Qualities Your Attorney Should Possess

by Todd Durham Law Firm on May 23, 2013

If you’re like most people, you don’t need to consult a lawyer on a regular basis. And while not having a constant flow of legal problems is certainly nothing about which to complain, it does mean you’re probably not experienced in assessing a lawyer’s legal acumen. Figuring out what qualities your attorney should possess may be difficult if you don’t have experience with one.


Communication skills are paramount in importance. In order to serve clients well, attorneys must be able to relay the clients’ wishes to the court or mediator. Additionally, a lawyer must have the ability to communicate what options clients have so that they can make informed decisions about the course of their representation. Whether in person, via email or on the phone, clear communication is crucial. In the legal world, even slight misstatements and the use of incorrect terms can doom your case.

Relationship Building and Management

An attorney is hardly a match-maker, but building and maintaining valuable relationships is another critical element of the job. Each day brings interactions with clients, opposing counsel, judges and juries and knowing how to handle each group appropriately is important. Having sufficient people skills to negotiate with opposing parties and to get third parties to share information will be undoubtedly beneficial for your case. Treating everyone with respect will reflect well on you and can promote a more favorable outcome, while an awkward or rude attorney can put other parties on edge and impact the apparent legitimacy of your case. Thus, knowing how to treat others to ensure healthy relationships and interactions is a skill that cannot be ignored.


The legal world is a complex one, and it is constantly changing. While an experienced attorney may have insight into a certain area of law, a truly effective one will realize that she may not have the most updated information and will research accordingly. A truly competent attorney is willing to go the extra mile for every client and make sure that every loose end is tied up and that no issues are ignored. Checking for changes in the law and exploring possible alternatives to litigation are also tools in a diligent attorney’s arsenal. In short, if your attorney is not doing everything she can for you, then you deserve better.


No attorney knows everything, but the best ones will know how to get the information they need. Being resourceful and having the resources needed for research and assembling a winning case are factors that set top lawyers apart from the rest of the field. A lawyer who is able to draw upon the advice of other intelligent attorneys will be among the best for your case, as having more people considering a case will help ensure no issue goes undiscovered.


Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. If a lawyer is prepared and has backup plans, you’re in business. But if your attorney cannot adapt to changing circumstances, your chances of emerging with a favorable outcome are slim. From a slight change in scheduling to the exclusion of important evidence, lawyers need to be flexible enough to find a way to work around problems. Having contingency plans can be helpful, but being able to think on one’s feet can be just as effective at times.

Shelly Duell blogs for Todd Durham Law Firm of Coppell, Texas. Todd Durham opened his own practice after realizing he truly wanted to represent his clients “one-on-one,” giving them the personal attention they deserve when dealing with serious matters, rather than working with a large caseload. You can find more about Todd Durham and his practice by visiting his site at: http://www.thedurhamfirm.com/attorney-bio.html

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Todd Durham Law Firm
Todd Durham Law Firm

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