Mountaineering Accidents

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ on December 13, 2010

Mountaineering is a sport enjoyed by many people due to the challenge it provides, the stunning scenery and nature.

However, it is a dangerous sport and the chance of sustaining a personal injury on a climb is high. Recent news reports have stated that many mountaineers are not prepared for the risks of personal injury associated with the sport. Many climbers may not think of bringing a compensation claim for their personal injury after mountaineering. However, if the injury is due to the fault of another, a compensation claim may be able to be brought against them.

Many of the injuries which can be sustained in mountaineering can be very serious and sometimes fatal. Most of them will require hospitalisation and some may result in many months off work. Personal injuries which can occur and which a compensation claim may be able to be made include:

  • Frostbite
  • Sprains, dislocations and broken bones
  • Head, neck and spinal injuries
  • Hypothermia
  • Loss of limbs

Some of the causes of sustaining a mountaineering personal injury in which a compensation claim may be brought are:

  • Falling from height
  • Slipping down crevasses
  • Falling rocks or small pieces of ice
  • A Whiteout
  • An Avalanche

It may be possible to make a compensation claim against your holiday company if they supplied you with mountaineering equipment which was faulty for example the ropes break or fail.

If you have sustained a personal injury in a mountaineering accident that was not your fault, call our accident compensation solicitors who specialise in compensation claims on 0800 0891331 and we will advise you on your first steps to receiving the compensation you deserve on a No Win No Fee basis.

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