Legal Training: Why Doing More CPD Hours Makes Sense

by tom-83 on May 30, 2013

As a legal professional you’re no doubt aware that full-time solicitors and lawyers are required to undertake at least 16 hours of continuing professional development (or CPD) every year. You’re also probably aware that least 25% of these hours must be accrued in accredited training courses. But have you considered that it may be worth your while to do more than just the bare minimum that you are required to do?

Build the career you want

Though you’re only obligated to spend four hours in accredited legal training each year, there are numerous reasons for undertaking more than that. Firstly, there is the satisfaction you can get from learning new things and expanding your knowledge base. And because the choice is down to you, you can learn about the things that interest you specifically.

You can also gain a strong sense of pride and achievement by completing additional legal training courses. If you’re currently feeling like your career is stagnating or standing still, then extra training may be just what you need to carry you forward.

But aside from the good feelings you can get from training, it has many more tangible benefits. You can build up the skills and knowledge you need to progress in your career in the direction you choose, and by doing so craft the future you desire.

One popular training route at the moment is personal injury training. Undertaking such training can enable you to branch out it into a lucrative growing market, while helping those who have suffered in accidents that were not their fault. This is an example of how extra legal training can take you to places you might not otherwise go.

Other benefits of extra legal training

Another key benefit to exceeding the bare minimum CPD training requirements is the image it projects to potential employers. Having undertaken lots of training courses marks you out as someone who is motivated, dedicated and committed to their own professional development. And of course it also ensures that you have lots of skills to bring to the table.

By learning new things you may also be able to apply for jobs that you might not otherwise have gone for, and regular training can put you in a strong position in the job market. If you’ve got your own firm then additional training can help you to help your clients better, and by doing so improve your reputation and increase business through recommendations. This alone can be worth the investment.

Networking is another worthy reason for engaging in extra legal training. Going on courses provides great opportunities for meeting new people, making connections and sharing information. It may even open up fortuitous new opportunities, such as job offers or continuing partnerships.

Doing additional training needn’t be a chore, and going above and beyond what is expected for the purposes of CPD points has its own rewards. You can increase your opportunities and your self-confidence, while building up a skill-set that will last a lifetime.

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