Important Information for Pursuing a Law Career

by Penny Cooper on September 27, 2012

Students are often enrolled into law schools before they even have a clear understanding of the profession. The title attracts many students and they decide to carry on with law studies without having a proper idea of what the career is all about. Before you decide to become a lawyer, you must assess your qualities and abilities. You may visit the courts in your locality, attend trials, observe how the legal system functions and speak with lawyers to get a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Career counsellors may also be consulted to help you understand whether or not you can make it as a successful lawyer.

What is required to become a lawyer

Law is for anyone who has outstanding learning skills like reading, writing, talking, listening and analysing. You will need to have exceptional skills with regards to public speaking, debating and arguing. You must also have high levels of confidence and patience. It is important to make sure that you have all these skills before applying for admission into a law school.

Preparing for and applying to a law school

It is essential to explore the internet for the best law schools in your locality. Getting through one of the best law schools in the world will definitely lay the foundation for a long and successful career in law. If you don’t have the necessary skills, or wish to develop them further, you may attend pre-law courses. Law practice has a number of branches such as corporate law, tax law, employment/labour law, family law, civil law, real estate law, international law, etc. Make sure that you’re clear about what section of the field interest you best as it will be of great help while choosing your study program.

You can visit the internet or consult education counsellors to better understand the details of law programs offered by various schools. Most law schools offer common programs such as J.D (Juris Doctor), B.S.L (Bachelor of Science in Law), LL.M (Master of Law), S.J.D (Doctor of Juridical Science), etc. Regardless of the program you choose, you will have to work very hard as there is immense competition to get a seat in a good law school. Your application will be accepted depending upon your grades. Since there are so many options available, it is very important to make the right choice and select the category where you feel your skills will be of good importance.

Career choices

You can have an extremely rewarding career by taking up law. You can engage in self-practice or work with an established law firm if you have a degree in law. You may set up a consultancy agency that provides legal guidance and consultation to clients, draft their legal papers, provide coaching classes for students or legally represent clients in courts. The job market will also offer you plenty of choices such as teaching, working with companies and law firms, working as attorneys and legal advisors for corporate bodies, etc.


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