How Will a DUI Impact My Life?

by Ladyblogger on October 7, 2012

Approximately 1.4 million people are convicted of a DUI on an annual basis. The overall personal impact will vary depending on the state the conviction occurs in, but there are certain legal and personal consequences that will happen to everyone who receives a DUI.

Legal Consequences

The legal consequences of a DUI will be greatly impacted by where you live and the exact particulars of your case. You can expect to have your license temporarily suspended as a result of a first DUI, and your vehicle may be impounded. There will definitely be a large fine, and you will have to spend a day in court. According to one Chester County dui lawyer, the typical cost of a DUI after everything is added up is approximately $10,000. This number goes up with each successive DUI, as do your chances of losing your license permanently and serving jail time.

Can I Lose My Job for a DUI?

There are many people who have lost their job as a result of a DUI conviction. The reasons vary and can include everything from a lack of reliable transportation to a violation of an ethics clause in an employment contract. Anyone who is required to drive will definitely lose their job, and most companies will not hire a driver who has had even one DUI.

Personal Consequences

A DUI conviction will make your personal life difficult because you will most likely not be able to drive anywhere for a while. This can keep you from having easy access to grocery shopping, visiting friends and dating. If you have children, getting a DUI will also set a terrible example, and this might lead to serious issues with your spouse or partner. In some states, your vehicle will be impounded. This will cause very big problems if you and your spouse share one car. They will have issues getting to work, and it will be difficult to properly take care of your children. Even if your vehicle is not impounded, it might have an ignition lock placed on it that will force your spouse to pass a breathalyzer test every time they start the vehicle. This is not only inconvenient, but it is also embarrassing, and they may end up resenting you for it.

What Happens to My Auto Insurance?

Most insurance providers have a clause in place that allows them to either cancel your policy or to raise your premium in the event of a DUI conviction. This is yet another consequence that will have a negative impact on your spouse if you are sharing a vehicle. If your provider decides to cancel your policy, you will not be able to drive even if your license has not been suspended. Getting a new insurance policy can be very difficult immediately following a DUI conviction because you will be looked at as a much higher liability. Even if you keep your record clean for several years after a DUI, your rates are likely to be much higher than they were before your arrest.

As the consequences illustrate, it is really important to avoid a DUI conviction. Because most people have a difficult time thinking clearly when they are drunk, you need to take steps to protect yourself by having a designated driver or making plans in advance to ride home in a taxi.

Anthony Joseph writes on various legal subjects, and is a contributing author for the Law Office of Steven E. Kellis. As your Chester County dui lawyer, they’ll do everything do what it takes to win your case. Mr. Kellis has over 20 years of jury trial experience, and knows all the maneuvers and tactics that prosecutors and police officers use in DUI cases.

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