How to stay safe when mountain climbing

Hill walking and mountaineering is very popular in Scotland and people come from all over the world to climb the Munros. However, even experienced climbers can get into difficulties especially when there is unexpected bad weather and problems with equipment. If you have suffered a personal injury when mountaineering which was not you fault, you may be able to claim compensation. It is important that mountaineers are on the lookout for possible causes of personal injury at all times when climbing and ways to ensure safety are discussed below.

It is very important for mountaineers to let their families know their routes and expected arrival times. This ensures that if they do not arrive at their destination then a search party can be sent. It is also very important to let people know the route in case a personal injury is sustained so that their whereabouts can be ascertained.

Tips to help mountaineers avoid sustaining a personal injury are:

  • Make sure you are fit enough for the climb
  • Make sure the ascent is not to difficult for your capability
  • Do not get dehydrated
  • Follow safety procedures on the mountain
  • Make sure you have adequate equipment for the mountain you are climbing
  • If inexperienced, go with an experienced climber

Mountaineers should also ensure that any insurance such as health insurance or life assurance covers personal injury sustained from mountaineering accidents.

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