How to Prevent Occupational Hazards

by lilycarter01 on December 10, 2012

Safety management is a very important criterion for any organisation’s smooth functioning. If you run a workplace, then you should ensure that your employees are safe from all kinds of occupational hazards at all times. An employee can be exposed to many different types of occupational hazards every day. So as an organisation, you need to ensure that your workplace is hazard-free by following a certain set of standard rules and regulations. Here are a few ways through which you can keep your workplace hazard free.


Identify the risks at your workplace


The first thing that you need to do is to check your work place for potential hazards. This includes thoroughly and carefully checking all the electrical appliances, electrical wires and machinery within the organisation. See if any equipment needs repairs and get it repaired as soon as possible. If the machinery is too old and has the potential to cause an accident, then you should replace it.


Reduce Noise at Your Workplace


In many factories, workers are exposed to high decibels of noise caused by the machinery. Prolonged exposure to such loud noises can cause hearing defects in many workers. So make sure that you try and reduce the noise elements at your workplace. You should also provide your workers with protective gear to combat this problem and train all your employees to use the protective gear effectively. This is essential because if not used in the right manner, these gears won’t help protect the workers from potential harm.


Try to Reduce Environmental Stress


The working environment plays an important role in the overall productivity of any employee. If employees are exposed to severe working conditions, then their physical as well as physiological well-being is affected adversely. If the nature of your work demands your employees to work under fluctuating temperature conditions and if they are frequently exposed to poisonous chemicals, then you need to ensure that your workers wear protective gear at all times. It is also advisable to give them proper safety gear and train them to use it effectively.


Conduct Regular Checks and Mock Drills


It is very essential that you conduct regular checks and mock drills every 3 months or so. Maintaining your machinery well is the most elementary part of ensuring safety at your workplace. So you need to check these at regular intervals. You could also consider getting PAT testing done. PAT testing is a simple procedure and will help you maintain electrical safety with your workplace. Mock drills on the other hand, will help your employees deal with an emergency in a calm and collected manner. So make sure you conduct mock fire drills at your workplace at least once in 6 months.


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