How to divorce your dragon – the continuing saga

The apparently deteriorating relationship between Duncan Bannatyne and his ex-wife Joanne returned to the news today. An article in the Daily Express reports that a poster for Joanne’s new gym has been put up just across the road from Mr Bannatyne’s office in Darlington.

As is well known, Mr Bannatyne runs a string of fitness clubs across the country. Neither Duncan nor Joanne have commented on the poster other than Joanne saying that it is a good location for a billboard as it is situated on one of the main routes into Darlington and therefore a good site for her to advertise her own business.

The article reports Mr Bannatyne’s recently expressed bewilderment at how bitter his Divorce from Joanne has become. Perhaps it is an inevitable consequence of the breakdown of any relationship that a divorcing couple will become antagonistic towards each other. This is a shame and one hopes that the couple’s children are not affected by the on-going dispute between the adults.

It is always worth remembering that the reasons behind the breakdown of a marriage will only have a bearing on issues relating to Finances and Children in the most extreme cases. As a family lawyer committed to resolving disputes as quickly and amicably as possible, I know how important it is for separating couples to retain some form of dialogue as this can help to resolve issues and narrow areas of conflict. Where children are involved it is important to remember that the parents still need to work together in their upbringing, often for many years after they have Separated.

I appreciate that not everyone will be able to maintain cordial relationships with their ex after separation. However, there is much to be said for separating as amicably as possible. Not only does it foster better relationships going forward, it can reduce the stress and cost of divorce at a time when, for most people, they need every penny they can retain. If you are thinking of separating then taking specialist legal advice early is always a good thing. At Slater & Gordon, our Family Law team can guide you through this difficult time, offering solutions which suit your circumstances best.

By Family Law Solicitor Ed Kitchen

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