Do I need an Attorney for DUI?

by Legal Author on October 16, 2021

DUI, better known as driving under influence, is a crime in almost every state. Thus, if you are charged with drunk driving and you have met an accident while being drunk, you will have to handle the case very carefully. It is all managed legally, in the court. And yes, you will require a car accident attorney fresno to represent you. You can either hire a private lawyer or represent yourself through a public defender, who is appointed to you, through the court.

Get an Attorney’s Opinion for DUI Charges:

It might be and might not be worth it, to hire an attorney for your charge. Thus, inquire about the details in person with an attorney. A person who has no legal experience, cannot guide you about the pros and cons of hiring an attorney for driving under influence charges.

DUI law keeps altering and thus, it is quite complicated to manage or say anything about it, in detail. The facts of the case are very different too. Thus, an attorney is the only individual you must visit, to discuss your charges with.

Some of the best and professional lawyers give free first consultation sessions to their potential clients. But even if you are required to pay a small fee; it isn’t a great deal as it will help you understand your case and the different ways to manage it. You certainly do not want a DUI charge to stay up on your record.

You are required to bring your police report and all the other documents that are connected with your charge, to the attorney. This will help them gauge your case and then guide you accordingly.

Situations where an Attorney Wouldn’t be of Much Help

It is understandable that if you were driving under influence and you didn’t pose danger to anyone; then a lawyer can go above and beyond to get the matter resolved. However, if you have been a cause of threat, danger or damage to someone during DUI, you will find it very hard to press all the charges. The attorney might help you lessen the charges but they won’t be eradicated completely.

Thus, the nature of your charge determines a lot and a consultation with an attorney before hiring anyone, will help you understand it properly. If you have been a threat to people around you or you have caused damage to someone; you will have to bear with the consequences as states have gotten quite strict about driving drunk.


So, is it worth it to hire an attorney for a DUI charge? Well, it definitely depends on your case. Thus, we recommend you to consult with an attorney first and see what they have to say about your charges. Understanding your case from a legal perspective will help you make better decisions for it as well.

It is certainly helpful to hire a lawyer, as it does help in pressing some charges overall and managing a DUI case is not easy due to the extremely complicated nature of this crime.

Legal Author

Legal Author

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