Couples must consider Mediation before Divorcing

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers on January 22, 2014

Under new laws separating couples will have to attend a mediation appointment called a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting from April following reforms included in the Children and Families Bill.

This will apply in all disputes about the children or finances and couples will only be exempt in situations where there is evidence of domestic violence.

Across the country, take up for Mediation has been slow with couples trying to resolve disputes direct  without any input from a mediator and/or a lawyer but little do they realise that any agreement they reach is not legally binding. Following a successful mediation we always ensure that appropriate measures are taken to formalise any agreement reached into a court order.

At Slater and Gordon we have two experienced Family Law Mediators Tara Deegan and Sarah Thompson who can discuss your mediation options with an initial free call.

For more details please contact Tara at or Sarah at

By Family Law Solicitor Tara Deegan

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