Common marital regime in Spanish Law

by David Lorenzo on August 28, 2013

In the common marital regime in Spanish Law the husband and wife gains or profits from any of them, will be allocated by half to dissolve.

The common marital regime will begin at the time of the marriage or subsequently agreed upon at the time of capitulation.

Common goods are:

  1. Those obtained by the work or industry of either spouse.
  2. The gains, rents or interest received both the separate property and marital.
  3. Those acquired at the expense of the common stock, either the acquisition is made for the community or only one of the spouses.
  4. Companies and institutions founded during the life of society by any of the spouses at the expense of the commons.
  5. Profits made by the husband or wife in the game.
  6. Goods donated or inherited by  the spouses jointly and without special designation of parts.

Exclusive goods of one of them are:

  1. Assets and rights that belonged to each one before the marriage.
  2. Those acquired by donation or inheritance separately.
  3. The acquired replacing exclusive property or money.
  4. Those acquired by right of redemption belonging to only one of the spouses.
  5. The goods and property related to the individual and not transferable.
  6. The compensation for damages inflicted on the person of one of the spouses or their separate property.
  7. Clothes and personal items that are not extremely valuable.
  8. The instruments necessary for the exercise of the profession or occupation, except when they are part of or belongings of an establishment or operation of commonality.
  9. The amounts to be charged during the marriage or credits amounts payable that belonged to the husband or the wife before marriage.
  10.  Those bought by one spouse before society. Exceptions apply family house and trousseau.

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