Car accidents and young male drivers

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ on December 9, 2010

Any car accident where people suffer from injuries which may cause a prolonged disability or even cause death, is devastating, but it is even more tragic when people who suffer in these car accidents are of a young age.

To address this issue a FMY (For My Girlfriend) campaign was launched and is now re-launched on Valentines Day every year. It is aimed at young drivers, particularly young male drivers, who often become a hazard on the road, as they are trying to ‘show off’ and impress their girlfriends. This is often done by driving fast and in an aggressive manner in order to show how ‘tough’ the young driver is and how he supposedly is in a complete control over his car.

The research was undertaken before the campaign was launched and it showed that more young women die in car accidents as passengers than drivers. It therefore encouraged the young girls to speak up and to warn their boyfriends about speeding, drink-driving and drug-driving in order to protect them from the risk of getting involved in a car accident.

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