Are you happy in your marriage? Hannah Cornish reflects on our report findings

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers on July 11, 2013

Earlier this month we commissioned some research in to the attitudes of Brits towards their marriages. We asked 2,000 married couples about their levels of happiness in their relationship, what areas they thought needed improvement and whether they ever had any doubts they had married the right person.

When we got the results back, they were pretty shocking. A quarter said they weren’t in love with their partner anymore while one in five said that if they were guaranteed financial security they would Separate.

People think that as a family lawyer you must become quite cynical about marriage but if I’m honest no matter how many Relationship Breakdowns you witness nothing can prepare you for reading something so sad.

The survey was anonymous and online so people obviously felt they could be quite honest. And there has clearly been a resonance with the general public because when we issued the data to the media yesterday we were inundated with calls from news organisations wanting to cover the story. This morning there has been coverage in the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, The Times, Daily Express and the Daily Star. Amanda McAllister, my colleague and Head of Family Law at Slater and Gordon has a whole day of media lined up to discuss the results.

Divorce should never be the first thing people jump to. We always make sure our clients have done everything they feel they can to save their marriages but it is important for people to consider just how unhappy they really are and the impact that tension and arguments can have on Children.

If you do feel you have reached the end of the line, at Slater and Gordon we offer fixed fee packages for people that mean the costs are clear upfront and we will always be honest and realistic about what you can expect to come away with from a divorce so you can make an informed choice.

By Family Law Solicitor Hannah Cornish.

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