Are Law School Applications Giving You A Headache? Here Are Some Things To Ease Your Pain

by Legal Author on June 25, 2013

Do you have an attention to detail and want to make a difference in people’s lives? You might want to consider going back to school for a law degree. Law has been practiced since Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Greece, and it is paramount to any civilized society. The laws that govern how society functions ensure fairness and order. Who knows what your role will be in the practice of law, but before you get in the courtroom, you need to get the degree. Here are some tips to finding the right law school for you. And see also our guide to some of the top legal recruitment agencies in the US, UK, Europe and Asia in addition to the information below:-

  • Find a place where you want to live for three years: In order to get your Juris Doctor, you’ll have to spend three years in law school. Let me repeat that: three years. That’s a long time for anyone to live in one place. Do you want to stay close to home? If so, research law schools within your area. However, if you want to practice law in a certain state, you might want to search law schools in that region.
  • Find faculty members whose experience and research coincide with yours: There are so many law schools out there that it can be overwhelming if you’re not careful. Each law school will have a web page on their faculty. Take advantage of it. Research their work experience and their papers. These are the professors who will prepare you for when you start your practice or work for a firm. Plus, let’s not forget how much money you’re spending on law school. You should get the most bang for your buck, and this is dependent on the school’s faculty.
  • Does the school have a program in your field? Alexander James Hadjis is an intellectual property lawyer in Washington D.C., and the reason he chose the University of Pittsburgh was in part because the school offered a program that would cater to his wishes of practicing IP law. Whatever field of law you might want to practice, you’ll need to find a school that offers you chances to learn. Many schools offer all different types of programs; you just have to make sure you find the program that best fits you.
  • What is the school’s placement rate? You’re going to law school because you want to find a job in law. If you can’t find a job, what was the point of all those times in the library and the money spent? A school’s placement numbers will be indicative of how well it’s respected. And make sure to look at the law job placement numbers. Oftentimes, schools might only indicate the percentage of students who find jobs and not indicate what type of jobs they found. By doing your research, you’ll be able to find a school that will help you find a job practicing law.

Following these tips will help you find the right law school for you, no matter what your specialty may be. Getting a law degree is extremely important and pretty much the standard if you want to further pursue a career in the legal world.

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