America’s most bizarre laws (new infographic)

by Legal Author on April 5, 2013

Guest post, including an interesting infographic on some of the most bizarre laws in the US.

Various American states would do themselves a favor to reconsider some of their silliest laws. Many were established long ago and merely seem ridiculous in our modern world, but others are strange any way you look at it.

In Minnesota, for example, those residing at even-numbered addresses are not allowed to water their plants on odd-numbered days – not counting the possible 31st day of any given month. Anyone who gets caught doing so is subject to punishments pertaining to a petty misdemeanor.

One would think it went without saying, but in Rhode Island, it’s illegal to bite off another person’s leg. Violators are subject to imprisonment not less than one year and not to exceed 20 years. The same goes if you put out another person’s eye, slit their nose or bite off any other working limb.

In Tennessee, anyone found participating in a duel is forbidden to hold public office from that day forth. Not only that, but the offending parties will also be subject to further punishment, “as the Legislature sees fit.”

See the following infographic for more (click to enlarge).

Americas Most Bizarre Laws, Dumb Laws

Source: Bizarre Laws

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