8 Digital Marketing Trends For Law Firms

by Yuriy Moshes on May 16, 2021

Choosing the right digital marketing agency for your law firm is one of the most important decisions you will make when undertaking your first round of online marketing. Not only does it depend on the width and breadth of your budget, but your target market and strategy for attracting new clientele. For instance, if you are using mostly digital marketing for law firms to drive leads, there will be a slightly different strategy employed than if you use print and other more traditional media marketing. Regardless of the method you choose, there is something that can be said about digital marketing for brand awareness and recognition. 

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Law firm marketing is not necessarily as straightforward as it may seem. Without using the “Have you been in an accident and need a lawyer?” tagline there are plenty of ways to market to the appropriate audience and get the business needed and to create sales.  In order to get the most of your marketing budget, we have devised an 8 step strategy to achieve the most bang for your buck. And if you’d like tailored, specialist advice on US law firm marketing, you can contact Lasting Trend; and for UK law firm marketing you can contact Moore Legal Technology, with their Your Law Firm Success™ product.

Start Digital Marketing with a Website

  1. Build a Website.  When considering digital marketing trends, the absolute most important step is to create a website that includes easy navigation and appropriate content.
    • Create each page with the intent to educate your audience.  From your contact us page, to your FAQ page, the content needs to be targeted to fit a need.
    • Use your website to speak to any community outreach projects you participate in. 
    • Introduce your team, and develop biographies to allow clients to choose who will represent them if possible.
    • Your per call or consultation fee should be listed somewhere on the site as well.
    • An about us page should speak to the values and standards your law firm holds.

When a website is custom built with the above listed items, you should not only gain the repute of your colleagues, but you  will gain the reputation of an expert in your field.. 

  1. Use SEO targeted marketing. SEO Marketing is often the most misunderstood concept of the digital marketing world.  When marketing for any type of business, both local and national strategies must be taken into consideration. SEO is an easy way to do both of these with the use of just a few keywords strategically placed into your content. Law firm marketing news points to local strategies and keywords that target specific locations.are as most useful to target clientele. This is why you will show up in google searches such as “lawyers in” or “law firms” near” “your location.”  SEO is also used to assist in categorizing your website.  For instance, you will be much less likely to rank on Google for law firms if you do not include relevant keywords in your website description, image text and even content labels. Optimizing each individual page is also one of the most important things when considering SEO. Targeting specific words for specific pages creates even more buzz for specific law services. This will make it easier to compete with other local law firms, because you will be known for what you do best. 

 Social Media Marketing Builds your Brand

  1. Legal marketing articles also put Social Media use at the top of their list.. Social Media is nearly as or perhaps more important than your website. Your social media presence speaks for your reputation and brand often better than your actual website .Not only do your clients all use social media, but word of mouth generated through social media buzz is often how new clients hear about you. .  Utilize all of your available resources. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube and even Instagram to respond to questions, comment and create unique connections with your clients.
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  1. Content Marketing is another of the digital marketing trends we see as pertinent to your success. However, it is different from SEO. SEO, while it often contains much content, is not solely content focused. Content marketing is used to ensure your clients know that you are the subject matter expert in your chosen field and uses articles and blog posts to assist in that endeavor. Creating content that is authentic, engaging and focused on what people are searching for, is a pursuit best engaged in authentically and with the intent to help solve client problems. Your content can also be used to connect clientele with the resources they need, if you don’t have the answers they are searching for. This alone will brand you as a law firm that cares. 
  1. Legal marketing news also shows the importance of keeping a current blog. Current blogging can assist in generating buzz about our latest endeavors for charity, office celebrations, or even community events that your office participates in. This is yet another way to raise brand awareness. Your blog is a great way to draw people in and keep them on your site. Use engaging content along with pictures to keep them scrolling. The longer they  remain on your site, the more likely they are to remember it in the future when seeking out law services.

Emails Create high ROI

  1. Use Email. Email seems almost outdated given our current marketing atmosphere. However, email shows to still have the highest return on investment of all the digital marketing trends out there today. Using email in your marketing strategy for your law firm is a wonderful way to ensure a return on your marketing budget.  One way to ensure this happens is to create a dedicated page on your site to enter emails if clients are interested in keeping in touch with your firm’s social and community outreach endeavors.  You could also offer a free phone consultation or ebook if a client signs up to get marketing emails. 
  1. Hire a professional to create content and SEO for your small law firm.  An outside representative doesn’t have to be overly expensive but should always have your best interest in mind. Keep your marketing targeted and specific.

Client Reviews Make the Difference

  1. Use client reviews.  Client reviews are essential to drawing in and maintaining your client base. When other clients leave positive reviews, new clients will be drawn in.  However, the same goes for the opposite idea. Negative reviews can change the perspective of your clients and leave a bad taste in their mouth. 

Determining the correct strategy for your law firm, no matter the size will depend on your budget, target audience and your individual marketing goals.  No matter what you choose your marketing will  always benefit from a boosted online or internet presence.

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