How Does Personal Injury Training Benefit Your Clients?

by emmadigirank on February 18, 2013

There is plenty of resource material available for solicitors and legal firms detailing how additional personal injury training can benefit the workforce. Factors such as cohesion, teamwork and even employee loyalty are widely recognised as some of the advantages enjoyed by those who invest in legal training of this sort. However, what it does fail to take into account is just how those advantages are passed onto the most important people of all – the clients.

A Discerning Crowd

With the changes to the Legal Aid system having effectively cut off one line of litigation and the changes to the No Win, No Fee system coming into play, those seeking to launch personal injury claims are set to become a very discerning crowd. Rather than risking a percentage of their damages with a company that is relying on its former glories, potential clients are going to be looking very closely to see just what a company can offer them.

Additional personal injury training may be the key to securing those clients, against an extremely competitive backdrop. But what does this sort of legal training offer to a claimant?

Peace of Mind

The first thing it offers is the knowledge that your company is trying to stay ahead of the game. Most clients are daunted by legal jargon and changes in the law; they see it as an impenetrable maze. By dealing with a company that undertakes extra personal injury training, they know that that firm is prepared to go the extra mile and study the Law in all its minutiae. In addition, given that the Law is a constantly evolving entity, your dedication to self-improvement tells them that you will be able to confidently navigate some choppy waters.

They will see your company that is most aware of the recent changes and loopholes and can turn them to the client’s advantage. In an economic climate where money is short, potential claimants want to know that they are risking their fees with the right firm. During what is likely to be a very stressful time for them, your extra credentials offer them peace of mind.

Client Confidence

In addition, there is the question of efficiency. Personal injury cases can take some time to reach any resolution, be it positive or negative. If a client is faced with continual hurdles that could potentially be avoided, they are less likely to act favourably or in their own best interests. By demonstrating your company’s confidence through providing an efficient and effective service, this will boost their confidence.

However, efficiency and incisive decision making can only come from a cohesive team that has a good overview of itself and its constituent parts. Typically, teamwork of this sort is often the result of good personal injury training, in which the individual solicitors rely on each others’ strengths to create a dynamic unit, with a single goal.

Finally, you want to offer your client value for money. If they are satisfied with the service you have provided, they’ll be less inclined to challenge your fees and more inclined to recommend your service. Although the ultimate benefit to any client is a successful case, there are other benefits to be taken into account as the legal process unfolds.

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