Is Alimony Unfair? Why Florida Is Pushing For Reform

by Ladyblogger on June 6, 2012

Parents that are facing a divorce after a failed marriage don’t always realize the financial responsibilities that are required of every spouse. A divorce can be a devastating blow to the emotional, mental and financial aspects of any previously married couple. Celebrities and wealthy individuals often have a prenuptial agreement that is set in place prior to finalizing the marriage details. A prenuptial agreement protects the financial assets of every individual in a marriage. A divorce is particularly difficult when it involves one or more children.

Unfortunately, a marriage that has resulted in one or more children is often hit harder by divorce when compared to a couple that never had any children. The emotional difficulties combined with the family ties that will never be the same again are all negative results of a divorce. It is safe to say that there is never truly a perfect divorce.

Lifetime Alimony

An Orlando divorce lawyer can help a couple that is considering divorce. Currently the state of Florida is experiencing a great amount of pressure when it comes to individuals that are seeking reform for the correct alimony policies in the state. The Florida Alimony Reform Group is currently the biggest alimony reform group in the United States. This group is working hard in order to show the state of Florida that the United States current alimony laws are both anti-marriage and anti-family. An alimony payment can only cease to exist if a former spouse remarries or dies. This reform group is against the permanent lifetime alimony that is required in the state of Florida.

Skirting the Law

These alimony laws ensure that the only way a spouse can stop paying alimony is if he or she dies or the recipient of the alimony payment remarries at any point in the future. According to, families all across Florida are currently facing devastating consequences as a result of these current alimony laws . The Florida Alimony Reform group has the support of more than 2,000 families that are being affected by the Florida alimony laws. Families are feeling as if they are crippled and truly do not see a way out of this difficult situation.

These laws can definitely feel unfair to spouses that have gone on with their lives and remarried. A family will still need to suffer the financial consequences of having to pay the alimony of another past spouse even though their own family may count on the money to make ends meet. As a result, there are a growing number of couples in the state of Florida that would like to make the leap and get married but cannot meet the current financial expectations of paying alimony to a previous spouse. Engaged couples are avoiding getting married in order to save themselves from having to deal with alimony payments of an ex-spouse that can come from the income of the new spouse.

Hoping For Reform

Florida residents are pushing to overturn the current alimony laws in the state. They argue that in certain states preserving the alimony laws can be a great idea for both taxpayers and family. These alimony laws can be beneficial under certain conditions. In comparison, residents argued that Florida alimony laws are actually harmful to both taxpayers and families. They also argue that the atrocities of a permanent alimony have caused generations to suffer financial consequences as well as families that continue to struggle daily.

These experts continue to push for reform and argue that it is extremely necessary in order to avoid the financial abuse that continues to destroy the lives of families of the Florida. Orlando divorce attorneys are also asking for alimony laws to change in order to reflect the current demographic and social patterns in the state.

Molly Henshaw is currently a law student who loves to blog on legal and business topics. As a contributing writer for the Orlando attorneys of Katz & Phillips she likes to emphasize the importance of having an objective professional when going through divorce.

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