You Can Be Deported from United States for Felony Charges

by lawfirm on January 23, 2013

Residing in any part of the United States on a visa or green card and convicted for a felony, you may be deported from the country for this reason. There are various factors that will be considered before making any decision about deportation. The factors that may affect the process of deportation are the offense you have committed, your criminal records or present status.

While for committing serious criminal offences you can be deported it is possible that as a non-citizen if you are found guilty of committing aggravated felony or moral turpitude you will be deported and will permanently loose the chance to enter the country.  However, you will be provided an option of fair trial before the final decision is being made.

If you are facing deportation for being convicted of a criminal offense contact a lawyer immediately. Most of the immigrants are unaware of aggravated felonies and their minor blunders lead to the process of removal.

What is aggravated felony?
Aggravated felony refers to offenses that are considered as a misdemeanor in state or federal courts. Sometimes offenses that cannot be considered as criminal activities are also considered as aggravated offense when it comes to immigration related matters. Aggravated felony also includes serious crimes like drug trafficking, murder, trafficking of firearms and other illegal devices or others. Some of the petty crimes that fall under this category are

  • Not appearing in court
  • Filing improper tax return
  • Simple battery

The list of aggravated felony is long and there are numerous acts in this category.

What does moral turpitude refers to?

When an immigrant violates accepted moral standard of a community, it will be considered as a crime. The following acts are considered by court as moral turpitude:

  • Tax evasion
  • Child abuse
  • Carrying hidden weapons

Why it is essential to contact a lawyer?

The immigration laws differ from one state to another in the United States, thus if you are residing in Miami contact with a skilled Immigration lawyer in Miami. However, most of these cases end up in deportation as the immigrants does not take help of legal professionals to represent them in the process of removal.

Only an aggressive lawyer can strongly defend your case and save you from the process of removal. If you are facing criminal trial and an immigrant; immediately consult with a skilled lawyer who possesses a successful track record in these types of cases.

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