Tourist Visa in Thailand Strict Requirements

New regulations are now enforced at Thai Embassies and Consulates around the world about additional requirements on the Issuance of Tourist Visa to Thailand

Additional Requirements on the Issuance of Tourist Visa to Thailand

Thai Embassies in different countries now implement stricter requirements with regards to approval and issuance of Tourist Visa to Thailand.

Tourist Visa to Thailand could either be a Single-Entry or a Multiple-Entry. Single-Entry allows the holder to enter Thailand once, and allowing a continuous stay of 60 days in Thailand. Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa, also called Double-Entry Tourist Visa, allows the holder to enter Thailand on a tourist visa once, leave Thailand, then come back to use the second entry – thus allowing two trips to Thailand on one visa application. Multiple-Entry allows 2 entries into the country, each of 60 days duration. The Double-Entry Tourist Visa holder could spend a longer period in Thailand as compared to Single-Entry, this saves the hassle of processing yet another visa application in a neighboring country.

Travelers could apply Tourist Visa to Thailand at any Thai Consulate or Embassy in any country neighboring Thailand such as Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore. You can also process the application at any Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate outside Southeast Asia such as US, UK, Australia, Canada.

Before, traveler’s bank account/ proof of funds with at least 500USD (or 10,000THB per person; 20,000THB per family) and flight itinerary are required, and a one-way ticket and travel itinerary is enough. Now, there are additional requirements. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok has instructed Thai Embassies and Consulates around the world to require additional requirements in Tourist Visa application such as confirmed airline ticket with assigned flight number and date of entry and exit to Thailand. Evidence of hotel accommodations and hotel bookings are also required. In the event that you will be staying with a friend’s house, a private accommodation, or wherever you will be staying while you are in the Kingdom, you need to indicate the complete valid address in Thailand. The immigration officer would like to assure you will not become a public charge or resort to public funds once you arrived in Thailand.

The new regulations are now enforced at Thai embassies around Southeast Asia. There is a question if it will be easier to apply for a Tourist Visa at the Thai Embassy in your home country or your country of citizenship. While the same general rule is rolled out in every Thai Embassy/Consulate all over the world, it would still vary case per case, and submit to the Thai immigration officer’s discretion.

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