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by mariajohnuk on July 26, 2013

Professional immigration solicitors are required to keep ahead of all the latest changes and amendments to immigration law. It is only by keeping abreast of all past and imminent changes to immigration procedures and legislation that they can ensure clients receive the most relevant and up to date, valid information on immigration rules, and it is vital that anyone considering making or pursuing an immigration case has such a high level of expertise at their disposal.

Recent Procedural Changes

Immigration law is one area of law that is subject to frequent changes and amendments, with new rules and procedures regularly been introduced by the Government. Following a review by the Migration Advisory Committee, the Government have recently announced further changes to the immigration procedures followed by non-European Economic Area Nationals.

The changes introduced will affect all non-European Economic Area Nationals who are applying to enter into the UK under the following routes of the points-based system:

• Tier 1 – entrepreneurs and investors.

• Tier 2 – skilled workers, including changes for senior intra-company transfers.

• Tier 4 – students, including extending the interim limit.

• Tier 5 – temporary workers including the requirements for the government authorised exchange category and private servants in a diplomatic household.

• Sponsorship

These changes will also affect any non-European Economic Area Nationals applying to remain in the UK.

Additional changes to immigration procedures introduced by the Government include the Life in the UK Test. From October 2013, all applicants applying for settlement in the UK must sit the test. Applicants must also present evidence of an English language speaking and listening qualification to B1 level or higher.

Consult the Specialists

If you think that these recent changes to the previous legislation may affect you and your case, it is best to seek advice from a professional immigration solicitor in order to get the best advice possible. Qualified immigration solicitors specialise solely in immigration law and will examine individual immigration cases to assess whether any actions related to these, or any other recent or imminent changes to immigration rules and procedures, need to be taken. These experts are best placed to provide helpful and reliable information on the best course of action and advice for your own personal circumstances.

Qualified and experienced immigration solicitors will be able to offer advice not only on these changes, but any others which may be taking place in the near future and could also affect your case. It is only by consulting such a specialist that you will be able to guarantee the best possible representation, with a high-level of dedicated service and thus help to increase your chances of having a successful outcome.

It is advised that you spend time conducting thorough research into the various specialist immigration solicitors acting within the UK before making your decision to help ensure it’s the right choice for you. If you decide to take your case to the first practice you come into contact with without looking at the other various options around first, you may find that you don’t receive the high quality service and representation that you need. It always pays to view a firm’s testimonials, to look for independent reviews from previous clients and to visit their offices in person before deciding to take your case to them and allowing them to represent you on such an important matter.

Author Bio: Maria John is a senior solicitor at an immigration law company. She has an experience of working in this field for 15 years. She has written a number of articles and blogs on Danielle Cohen Immigration. Maria is providing us some valuable Professional Immigration Advice in this article.

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