Laws Related to Dual Citizenship

by lawfirm on January 5, 2013

The US state department was reluctant to allow dual citizenship but at present it is possible to retain dual citizenship. The laws clearly give individuals the right to keep both citizenships for life in certain kinds of circumstances. These situations are

  • Dual citizen from birth or childhood
  • Become a citizen of another country after having US citizenship

Is this privilege works for Naturalized Citizens?

While undergoing naturalization process, the individuals have to renounce their old citizenship. Thus, who have acquired US citizenship via naturalization have to abandon all facilities and documents related to their old citizenship. People who act against this order will have to lose their US citizenship.

How you may lose US citizenship?

It is stated unequivocally in US laws that foreign military service will result in loss of US citizenship if

  • The person serves as an officer
  • Service was voluntary
  • The person is engaged in hostilities against the United States

There are certain manners for which State Department is likely to take away US citizenship incase you are enjoying dual citizenship. When an individual

  • Is serving foreign government in policy level position
  • Has committed treason against the United States
  • Has acted in a manner that shows his or her disinterest to keep the US citizenship

How to use dual citizen passport?

Though US law does not forbid citizen to possess US passport and a foreign passport, you have to use their US passport when entering the country.

When it can be a problem to travel with two or multiple passports?

If a country forbids possessing its passport along with US passport, you may face trouble while travelling between US and that country. As the US required their citizens to be identified based on their US passport at the time of entering and leaving the country.

Is it essential to hire an attorney?

Citizenship attorney can help in several aspects. Before acquiring your dual citizenship it is best to consult with an attorney to know whether you are endangering your US citizenship. It is also essential to check policies with other country whose citizenship you are planning to acquire. That country may not encourage dual citizenship or have certain laws that may threaten your US citizenship status.

An US attorney cannot help you in case you are involved with some types of legal problems in other country in spite of the fact that you are an US citizen. If you are residing in Miami, speak with an efficient Miami citizenship attorney who can help in this respect before leaving the country.

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