Does Diabetes Qualify for Disability Benefits?

by mmauer on August 9, 2013

Does Diabetes Qualify for Disability Benefits?


(US law and policy) If you are living with Diabetes (Type I or Type II) You may be eligible to receive financial aid from the Social Security Administration. If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, you are likely struggling with the disease.  Fortunately, the government provides disability benefits for those that have been affected by the disease.

Diabetes is very common, affecting nearly 2.1% of the population.  The most common symptoms include diminished vision, exhaustion, dizziness, high blood pressure, general pain, and a host of other issues. Often times, these symptoms can prevent you from working.

 How can I find out if diabetes qualifies for disability benefits?

Many of the symptoms experienced by a person with severe diabetes qualifies them to receive Social Security disability benefits. The SSA (Social Security Administration) looks at several factors when determining a case. Under the Social Security Act, “disability” is defined as the “inability to take part in any substantial activity by reason of any medical, physical, or mental impairment which can be expected to result in death or has lasted or can last for a period of no more than 12 months.” What this means is that if your Diabetes is severe enough to prevent you from working for at least 12 months, then you are eligible to receive disability benefits.

While diabetes alone won’t prevent you from working, the accompanying symptoms might. This includes blurred or poor vision, kidney failure/issues, nerve damage, cardiovascular problems, skin conditions, and amputations.

Why are people with diabetes often turned down for benefits? Can I avoid it?

Often times, a person’s diabetes simply isn’t severe enough to disqualify them from the work force. It is important that you qualify for disability benefits before you apply. We offer a free evaluation of your condition, so contact us today. It is also imperative that you follow your doctor’s orders very carefully, as this could prevent you from getting benefits as well. Other common reasons for a denied application include:

  • Failing to Hire a Lawyer can be a costly mistake. The Social Security Administration rejects most initial claims, but eventually approves most of those represented by counsel.
  • Waiting Too Long to File—Delays tend to lessen your chances of winning benefits.
  • Application Errors—Your disability application should be filled out carefully and should include your recent work history, salary information, and other relevant details. Minor errors often lead to applications being rejected.
  • Insufficient Proof—Be sure to visit your doctor regularly and maintain a record of the hospital visits and problems you encounter day to day. You should also keep track of all expenses related to your disability. These records will serve as proof to substantiate your claim.
  • Starting Over—If your initial Disability claim is rejected, you should appeal the decision immediately. Many people make the mistake of filing a fresh application, which only causes delay.

 How does the Social Security Administration determine if I’m disabled?

The Social Security Administration determines whether you’re disabled by reviewing your medical and employer records. Often these records extend back a year or more, so it’s important to start gathering documentation well ahead of any appeals or hearings. Because doctors don’t always know what legally constitutes a disability, we make sure they describe and present your information in a way that makes sense to the Social Security Administration.

How can I improve my chances of winning my Social Security disability claim?

First, be honest and thorough when reporting your condition to Social Security. People are sometimes embarrassed to report psychological difficulties or learning disabilities, even though both can be important factors in receiving benefits. An experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can also vastly improve your chances; Social Security’s own numbers show that that people with legal counsel are much more likely to win benefits.

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