A Quick Guide to 10 Basic Types of Lawyers and Their Roles

The following is a guest law blog post outlining some of the most common types of lawyers. If you need a lawyer then chances are that you will have a specific situation which you need help with. Few of us want to find a lawyer and then think about what we are going to do with them – it tends to be the other way around. Seeing then as you probably have a specific need for your lawyer, it is generally prudent to look into getting a specific type of lawyer who will be more directly suited to the case you are using them for. Using a lawyer with a particular speciality is generally the best strategy and give you the best chance of success as it will mean that your lawyer has the best possible depth of knowledge in your specific field and the most experience rather than a broader breadth of knowledge that doesn’t necessarily apply in this instance. But deciding on what kind of lawyer you need can be difficult, particularly as there are so many different types of lawyers out there all with slightly different roles and titles. Here we will look briefly at some of the more common types of lawyers and what they do… Immigration Lawyer:  Immigration lawyers of course deal with cases surrounding immigration and as such would be the most useful kind of lawyer for helping you with legal difficulties getting a visa, remaining in a country or passing immigration marriage interview questions. Meanwhile an immigration lawyer can also be useful for employers who have gotten into trouble for hiring immigrants who were are not legally permitted to work in the country. Divorce Lawyer: A divorce lawyer is a lawyer who deals with divorces and can represent either party or who can aid communication between those parties. Using a divorce lawyer one party will hopefully stand to increase the amount of assets they end up with, and can also this way avoid direct contact with their other half. For American divorce law information and divorce lawyers, see also our guide to some of the Best Divorce Attorneys in America – the following are some of America’s top divorce attorneys by State including information on divorce courts in parts of America within some of these pages too:- Custody Lawyer: A custody lawyer deals with custody of the children and a legal battle over custody may take place during the divorce or at a subsequent date due to various mitigating factors. Employment Lawyer: An employment lawyer can help either employers or employees and can settle various disputes such as unlawful termination and minimum wage, or just help to draft up contracts and ensure that both parties and the law are happy with them. Injury Lawyer: An injury lawyer deals with injury cases and so can be useful if you feel that you have sustained injury on a commercial site, or if you are defending yourself against someone suing you for an accident on your property. Entertainment Lawyer: An entertainment lawyer works in cases relating to the media as well as the entertainment industry which generally includes matters such as libel, privacy and copyright law. Intellectual Property Lawyer: Intellectual property lawyers work more specifically with cases pertaining to copyright, patents and trademarks or can help you to obtain them for your original creations. Traffic Lawyer: A traffic lawyer can help to settle traffic disputes as well as help you to defend yourself against speeding tickets and other traffic tickets. Business Lawyer: A business lawyer works with businesses in all manner of scenarios, helping to ensure that the business is lawful as well as helping to give them protection and the ability to prosecute. More specifically a bankruptcy lawyer is a type of business lawyer who can help a business to go through the process of declaring bankruptcy. Criminal Lawyer: Criminal lawyers deal with criminal cases and can help you to defend yourself in a court of law by representing you as well as helping you choose how to plead and collect evidence in your defence. This is hardly scratching the surface of the many types of lawyers there are however, and to give you an idea – there are not just accident lawyers but even ‘asbestos lawyers’ who specialize in cases where asbestos is involved; not just divorce lawyers but also ‘annulment lawyers’; there are even lawyers who specialize in cases involving art. This vast range of lawyers might be hard to keep track of, but if you make sure to use the right kind for you and who is as specialized as possible then you can know that they will know the subject through and through. Jen is a lawyer by profession and a blogger by interest. In her blogs, she writes all that you need to know about Sugar Land attorneys .
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