What to Expect from Your Lawyer?

by Penny Cooper on May 18, 2012

Legal aid, whenever required, must be of the top quality. It is a very serious business with consequences that can be quite severe if the counsel you get is not appropriate. Choosing a lawyer is like choosing food. You instantly hit it off with some lawyers but with others, you don’t. However, there are a few basic things that you should expect from your lawyer. This article will outline the expectations you should have from the person from whom you are getting legal counsel.

Communication Should be Clear, Precise and Honest

The communication you receive from your lawyer is very important as it will determine your course of action. The lawyer should explain your situation from a legal perspective and also inform you about your options. Do not expect any sugar coated answers and clarify this with your lawyer also. If your situation is bad, then tell him/her to explain its gravity and what the possible options are. That will at least help you in preparing yourself mentally.

You should also clarify that the lawyer should do what you ask him to. Of course, you cannot tell him/her how to argue in court or the points that he/she should make. You should explain the course of action and the lawyer, on your behalf, should plan his/her moves in the court of law appropriately.

Your lawyer should also comprehensively clarify your doubts. The main reason you hire a lawyer is because, you are not aware of the ramification of law. Do not relax this expectation as you will be paying them for their services. If your doubts are cleared, you will at least have peace of mind if not anything else.

Competence of the Lawyer has a Direct Impact on Your Case

It is a little shocking to know that all lawyers are not competent enough. You also have no way of judging how well versed a lawyer is on law. There have been instances where cases have been lost because the lawyer has failed to understand a clause in a law and use it to the advantage of his/her client. The only way to judge the competence of a lawyer is through his/her past record. Make sure you conduct proper research and ask for opinions from the right people before hiring a lawyer.

Discuss the Fee before Hiring the Lawyer’s Services

One of the most common complaints that clients have is about the fee charged. They will either feel that the fee is too high or the fee is not worth the services they are receiving. The best way to avoid this is by discussing the fee before you hire the lawyer’s services. Every lawyer will have a different fee structure. You can hire or look elsewhere if you are not satisfied.

Hire a Lawyer Who Abides by Good Ethics and Morals

Your lawyer should work within legal realms at all times. He/she must argue your case to the best of his/her abilities. Under no circumstances should your lawyer suggest unlawful or non-humanitarian course of action. Make this clear to your lawyer as it is not only wrong but can also have adverse effects in the future.

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