Top 8 Crime Scene Investigation Games for Android

by mariechan on January 15, 2014

Fancy yourself as a detective? Can you piece together clues and leads where others see only mystery? If so, check out this list of the top 8 Crime Scene Investigation games for Android.

1.    CSI Game

Where better to start than a game based on the CSI TV shows? Based on seasons 1-5 (and with updates featuring more seasons promised), this CSI trivia game sees you answer questions in a bid to solve cases. Suitable for all ages and a great way to spend a lengthy train or bus journey.

2.    Special Enquiry Detail 2

One of the most extensive games of its type available for Android, Special Enquiry Detail 2 sees you guide SED detectives Turino and Lamonte through 44 crime scenes, 22 mini games puzzles and 6 chapters of narrative in a bid to catch the mysterious “Engagement Killer”. Not just extensive but challenging, featuring false leads, unreliable witnesses and all manner of clues.

3.    CSI Sherlock

As the legendary Sherlock Holmes’s assistant, you take charge of the hints and clues he offers you in a bid to solve a Cluedo-like puzzle and determine the perpetrator of a dastardly murder.

The focus is on people, weapons and locations, and building up a suitable volume of evidence in relation to any or all of these categories will inevitably lead you to the culprit. Nevertheless, the difficulty can be adjusted to levels where a serious amount of logical reasoning is required.

4.    Beauty Lawyer Victoria 2

Despite its rather odd title, Beauty Lawyer Victoria 2 sees you investigate crime scenes, question witnesses and challenge prosecutors in a bid to defend your client from charges for crimes he / she didn’t commit.

The game boasts 4 solid levels of intense logical and psychological battle, and can be very absorbing, even if at times the English seems a little clunky.

5.    Criminal Clues Hidden Objects

A much more basic package, for those who simply wish to search for and retrieve objects at a crime scene. As you successfully retrieve the incriminating evidence, a star rating builds and you progress towards unlocking both more clues and the subsequent levels.

Criminal Clue requires sharp and discerning vision rather than logical reasoning, but a new and improved touch screen interface means you can still spend an enjoyable few hours immersed in this experience.

6.    Crime Scene Investigation

Juliet works at a reputable, successful company but suspects some of her colleagues’ activities are not entirely above aboard. Tracking their activities, she builds a case against them and takes it to her superiors, who subsequently have her murdered. That’s where you come in: investigate the crime scene and piece together clues to corner the culprits. Come with a handy walkthrough should you get stuck.

7.    Who Is The Killer. Episode III

Who Is The Killer is a race against time, one of the characters will die every day, and if you don’t find out what’s going on quickly enough the entire cast can be wiped out.

Travelling to Ethiopia to investigate the archaeological findings of colleague Professor Peter Dorrigan, you are informed of his untimely death in mysterious circumstances. Featuring mystical historical artefacts and a complex plot, the game builds on the storyline established in the game’s two predecessors. These are available for free via the game’s official Facebook page.

8.     Case File 1 – Murder Mystery

More of an all-round challenge, Murder Mystery sees you investigate crime scenes, photographing evidence, locating objects of interest and using logical reasoning to puzzle out exactly what happened. Completing in game challenges will also unlock further clues and aid you on your way. This game has a little bit of everything, and what’s more it’s totally free!

Satisfied detective? Maybe there’s more to this than we first suspected. Let us know your thoughts on the games presented, and share any clues you might have discovered in relation to greater Crime Scene Investigation games for Android below.




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