The Points are Stacked Against You: 5 Advantages of a Defensive Driving Class

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Getting a drivers license is a happy day in the lives of many teens. The process of ensuring they have adequate driving skills is established by a driving test with a designated tester for the particular state. The usual process is an initial permit to allow legal driving practice with an experienced licensed driver. The test can be taken during the permit period to acquire the actual operator’s license.
Continuing Education
Sadly, the required education upgrades for drivers usually only occur after a driving- under-the-influence charge. Adult drivers are already comfortable will their driving skills and often do not realize there are other consequences to certain traffic offenses which can include demerit driving points in addition to a fine. A defensive driving class always stresses safe driving and that, naturally, includes speeding. Learning that all speeding tickets are not equal is important. One attorney who defends those receiving speeding tickets in Florida says individuals often don’t realize that excessive speeding can generate excessive points loss. States add demerit points incrementally and not just per the charge.
Know Your Limits
Each state implements a different structure, but they all use similar time periods for driving records. Most are five to seven years and includes all traffic offenses. Intoxicated driving charges carry automatic suspensions, depending on the case circumstances, but are actually criminal cases. Traffic offenses are not necessarily criminal and can often be paid in advance. It is always important to access an official copy of your driving record after any traffic offense. Most states will notify the driver on any penalty points currently held against their driving privileges.
Court Appearances
Traffic tickets are usually payable before court and this action can eliminate court costs. It does not eliminate the demerit points for aggressive driving. Failing to appear in court can result in other charges as well and will definitely result in a default judgement of guilty. An effective defensive driving class will explain the importance of taking traffic tickets seriously and hopefully help deter bad driving practices that go unnoticed by law officials. Your license could possibly be suspended without your input.
Reduction in Auto Accidents

This is clearly the ultimate goal of any point system associated with aggressive driving. In regions of dense population and heavy traffic patterns this is especially important. Commercial and industrial vehicles are on open highways around the clock and defensive drivers of smaller vehicles will always be aware that they are susceptible to becoming a fatality statistic if they do not exercise caution.

Understanding Auto Insurance

Many future drivers take a driver’s education class in high school in order to use it as a discount on their insurance policy, but driver’s education classes are often based more in driving than in information about keeping your driving privileges. They can quickly be lost when the driver is not aware of potential charges other than intoxicated driving that can cause a suspension. Also, suspensions of any type have an impact on insurance premium rates. Speeding and moving violations are serious issues to your insurance provider even when they do not carry criminal status.

The information and defensive driving skills learned in a good defensive driving course can go along way in making for safer roadways and would be an excellent addition to state legislation to ensure less fatalities and serious accidents. Good defensive driving skills equal good driving habits.

Author Molly Pearce is a freelance writer specializing in legal subject matter.  She is a contributor for The Ticket Team, a group of Orlando attorneys who have been working with traffic law for many years and have helped thousands with their ticket cases. They know the difference that the reduction or elimination of charges, such as moving violations or speeding tickets in Florida, can make in a client’s life. The founding attorneys have special training that gives them the ability to understand the specific claims made against visiting or resident individuals and how to best argue them.

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