Make Each Penny Count Using a No Win No Fee Lawyer

Guest post from Australian personal injury lawyers.

A “no win, no fee” policy offered by lawyers in Brisbane can be confusing to so many people. How does the policy work and what should you watch out for when a workplace injury lawyers offer them?

How does a “no win no fee” policy work?

As the term of the policy has stated, a “no win, no fee” policy of a lawyer will indicate that they will only bill you if you are able to obtain a successful result in your claim. A successful result would be where the other party has agreed to pay for your damages within a trial or if the court has assessed the liability in your favour.

Why do lawyers or law firm offers this policy?

Not everyone is able to file a claim due to the current high expenses in legal fees involved in pursuing it. This policy can be taken advantage of by those who are after their workers compensation claim or who are looking to sue another party who has harmed them, but couldn’t afford to pay for lawyer’s bills.

The policy is a very powerful advertisement for any client to state that the lawyer or law firm can achieve a successful rate close to almost 99%. Some lawyers who are offering this policy provide free consultation to determine if they can build a solid case for you. Lawyers will be able to know if the claim of the client is sufficient to pay for the fees they normally charge if they provide a free consultation to them.

What to look out for

As previously mentioned, most lawyers would use their “no win, no fee” policy as advertisement, which may be interpreted by some people that there are no cases where they didn’t win. Lawyers who advertise their expertise with this policy doesn’t mean they are already at the top of their field or that they are competent to handle any claims. Most likely they are “cherry picking” clients or choosing clients who have a very solid case, which will allow the lawyer to easily win the claim. If a client should lose, they may be expected to pay for their opponent or the court’s fees instead of the lawyer themselves.

Workplace accident victims who are able to find a lawyer with a “no win, no fee” policy may just find that only a fraction of their compensation are given to them when they win. Although some lawyers are open to how much their client will be receiving if they win their claim, there may be certain terms and conditions which the client wasn’t aware of when they hired them. There may also be other charges included within the fine print of their contract. It is always a good practice to review any contract and the lawyer’s terms and conditions before hiring them.

A lawyer providing a “no win, no fee” policy is a good option for those who cannot afford the legal fees required for their claim. Always check a lawyer’s profession and their terms and conditions before choosing them to represent you in court.

Anne Stewart

Anne Stewart

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