Dealing with Probate – What you need to know

by EdwardHandsandLewis on July 11, 2013

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By Emma Fuller

We understand that some people are nervous of approaching Solicitors if they need help with Probate as there are concerns of the costs.  However, not everyone charges in the same way.

We have several pricing options, which helps families to get the help they need, but gives them the flexibility to choose the parts of our services they need if they are concerned about costs.

For a start, we will always meet with you for half an hour free of charge, and with no obligation at all for you to instruct us.  We appreciate that dealing with bereavement is a difficult time, and are happy to spend time with those who perhaps simply need pointing in the right direction.

We then have a service where we will obtain the Grant of Probate for you, and then you can administer the estate yourself.  

10 aspects of probate we can assist with on a piecemeal basis are:

1.       Undertake a search for a missing Will

2.       Prove a copy of a Will, if the original is missing

3.       Applying for Grant of Probate

4.       Administrative process of closing accounts and collecting in money

5.       Undertaking a search for all assets owned by the deceased

6.       Producing estate accounts and tax returns

7.       Inheritance Tax reporting

8.       Drafting Trusts that may be needed

9.       Deeds of Variation to alter who shall inherit

10.   Dealing with challenges from those who feel that they should inherit more

For those who would rather hand over responsibility for collecting in the estate (and this can be especially helpful where there are any family tensions), we offer a complete service, the cost of which depends on the size and complexity of the estate.  We would review this and advise you of the estimated costs prior to commencing any work on your behalf.

We have considerable experience in dealing with all manner of probate matters.  If you would like support with your role as Executor then we are available to speak with for any help you may need.

EdwardHandsandLewis Edward Hands & Lewis is a firm that has evolved over time with a commitment to its core values. We have never forgotten that we are here because of our clients who have supported us over many years. We are proud to be at the heart of the communities in which we serve and we are equally proud of the team that we have to provide such service. We aim to provide value for money with a commitment to good, clear and concise advice. We take the time to ensure that our advice and assistance matches your goals. Unlike many professional services organisations, brevity and helpfulness are our watchwords. The agile and creative minds of the people we employ equip them to advise the same client on a diverse range of matters. This multi-specialism makes our lawyers and advisors expert on a range of the legal and other issues affecting their clients’ business. The strength and depth of our client relationships avoids wasted time and cost: it enables us to keep up to speed on business and sectoral developments and there is no need to field large teams of experts as a matter of course. While we have been established for many years, we pride ourselves on forward-thinking and believe we have achieved the right blend between traditional and modern. Whether you are an existing client of ours, are about to become a client or are looking to join us, we sincerely hope that your experience is a positive one.

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