How can collaborative law be helpful for you?

Collaborative law is one of the best alternatives for some couples who want to settle disputes that do not involve the courtrooms. It mainly focuses on what’s exactly important in your case, with the aim of resolving things as quickly as possible. Moreover, collaborative law involves a written agreement by the lawyers and their clients to work together. It is a relatively new approach that is, for instance, utilised by family lawyers to completely handle the divorce process in a dignified manner for both the parties. In family law practices, “collaborative law” is a new buzzword that can be a better and less costly practice.

Benefits of Collaborative Law

There are number of potential significant benefits of collaborative law, including the following:

  • One of the best key features of collaborative law is the presence of a family lawyer who shows full concerns for your case and provides legal advice during face-to-face negotiations.
  • The case can potentially be completely resolved outside the courtroom, thus avoiding any courtroom timetables
  • You are supported and represented by your own lawyers
  • Collectively less time consuming and generally less costly than a lawsuit.
  • Good assistance for both the parties when communicating with each other.

Collaborative Law Process

  1. Firstly you will meet a lawyer, who has had specific training in the collaborative law process in order to imply your intention to embark the process.
  2. Next, your respective lawyers then arrange a meeting.
  3. The first meeting will be totally based on making an agenda for future discussions with your spouse
  4. All the agreements are done out of courtroom
  5. During the negotiation process outside parties like accountants, social parties brought in help to give agreement in an interest.



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