Happy ‘Divorce Day’ or is it? (Re First Working Day in January)

“Divorce Day” is a term commonly banded about by the media which refers to the first working day of the New Year when family lawyers receive the highest number of new enquiries. It is often reported that January is the month when most couples decide to divorce, commonly due to the stresses and strains that the Christmas season brings to many and the hope for a fresh start in the New Year. The Mirror has reported that 40% of couples blame the financial pressures of Christmas for putting a strain on their relationship. Often it is the extended periods of time which already unhappy couples have to spend together over Christmas, allowing more opportunity to pause and reflect which proves too much for many.

The Independent reported that one in five married couples are considering separating after staying together over Christmas. However, research carried out by The Co-operative suggests that many couples had already made the decision to separate before the Christmas holiday, but one in four couples choose to delay to avoid upsetting loved ones and to enjoy one last Christmas together as a family.

In a poll carried out by Resolution last year they reported that 82% of family lawyer members did not find an increase in new enquiries during the first week of January, but that there was an increase in people searching for information online about divorce and separation. At Gorvins new enquiries regarding divorce often tend to double around this time of year and trail off, but I personally have noticed an increase in enquiries following school summer holidays and the weeks leading up to Christmas. However for many family lawyers, myself included, the term “Divorce Day” trivialises the agonising struggle that many couples go through when deciding to separate. For most it is a decision which is not taken lightly.

If you are separating or considering getting a divorce it is important that you also deal with arrangements relating to any children and the financial aspects arising on divorce. At Gorvins we offer a personal, practical and collaborative service which assists when dealing with cases of a sensitive nature. If you need advice please contact me on 0343 507 5151 or email enquiries@gorvins.com and I would be more than happy to help you.

[Editor’s note – in addition to the great points Linzi makes, please see this (my post) and this (from Austin Lafferty’s blog) which have further info on family law firm enquiries increasing in January. Best, Gavin Ward].

Linzi Perriman

Linzi Perriman

Associate Solicitor at Gorvins
Linzi is an Associate Solicitor in the Family & Matrimonial department at Gorvins Linzi advising on all aspects of relationship breakdown, including: divorce, financial settlements arising from divorce and separation, disputes regarding children, domestic violence, cohabitation disputes and Police Divorce matters. Linzi is passionate about family law and aims to provide clear and constructive advice to assist clients to resolve matters as quickly and amicably as possible, consistent with Resolution’s Code of Conduct.
Linzi Perriman
Linzi Perriman
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