Getting Financial Condition in Order before Filing for Divorce

by lawfirm on June 6, 2013

(Family law in Florida, United States and generally) Divorce may bring to you a blend of both emotional and financial worry. All of a sudden you may find yourself alone with all the burdens. However, these worries can be taken care of with little planning and legal assistance.

Once you have come to realize that your marriage is over, you need to seek assistance from a divorce lawyer. Most of the lawyers provide free legal consultations to the clients. This will help you get initial advice without spending thousands of dollars. If you are worrying about the attorney fee, you need to know that the fee is determined based on the case. Some of the attorneys charge hourly fee while others charge flat fee.

In case the petition does not need a lot of work on discovery, you will be able to save large amount of attorney fee. If you can gather all the documents on your own, you will not require legal assistance for this work. It can be a great money saver. However, doing all the work without assistance can problematic and therefore, it is better to trust a legal counselor for doing the task.

The entire process of divorce gets easier when both the parties are looking for a peaceful parting. Experienced Miami divorce lawyers will be able to provide you a quick solution. Although divorce may leave a stream of bad memories, yet, you should try to attempt an uncontested one. This will save a lot of money.

However, everyone is not fortunate enough to get the opportunity of having an uncontested divorce. Even if it is not possible to come to a middle ground, you can try to save money on the discovery stage.

This stage is a complicated one. It is in the discovery stage that the conflict usually takes place. This is time when both the parties have to submit financial documents to the court for reviewing. In case you suspect that your spouse is hiding asset, you can hire a financial analyst. Your lawyer will also be able to assist you in this stage.

Financial affidavit is an essential document. This is required everywhere. This affidavit will outline all your income and debts. Living expense is another matter which is required to be documented as well. However, since divorce is a state governed matter, each state has got different definition and requirement for documents in discovery stage.

In Florida, you may have to submit all the papers regarding your life insurance, retirement plans, bank statement and also loan applications. This can prove to be an intimidating task. This will be the case if you are not familiar with all the financial complexities. Encountering problem in submitting all these is common. It is due to this, you need to consult your attorney when assorting all the documents. If you find it difficult to access any of the documents, you can seek your attorney’s help as well. All the documents can be made available with just a phone call from your legal counselor.

This is not a matter to rush into. You need to adhere to time and patience. However, saving money is not impossible. Therefore, try to gather all the documents before consulting your legal counselor.

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