Top 8 Reasons for Divorce in the UK

by Vincents Solicitors on March 22, 2016

Deciding to divorce your partner is never an easy decision to make; and a lot of people do not realise that a lot of reasons they want to divorce their partner are not classified as ‘Grounds for Divorce’ in England and Wales, but what are the most popular reasons people cite when they first decide to undergo divorce? Keep reading to find out.

1.      Unreasonable Behaviour

Unreasonable behaviour is one of the most common reasons people give when they decide to undertake divorce proceedings; it is a generic term, covering a broad range of reasons that may lead to further proof of a marriage breakdown being required from the courts to gain substance as a ‘Ground For Divorce’.

2.      Irreconcilable differences

Irreconcilable differences between a couple arises as a reason to get divorced when each party cannot see a resolution to any problems that might have arisen throughout the marriage.

3.      Grown Apart

Sometimes, as much as you still care for your partner, you simply grow apart and become different people, and you simply cannot see a reason for remaining married to someone, perhaps you are better as friends.

4.      Adultery

If you find out your husband or wife has committed adultery and you cannot live with this fact anymore, then it is important to file for a divorce as soon as possible after finding out, as unfortunately if you find out and still with them for six months this can no longer be classed as grounds for divorce.

5.      Alcohol/Drug Problems

Living with a partner who has an alcohol or drug problem can be physically and mentally tasking. Whilst you may still care for your partner it may cause them to act unreasonably and to a point where you do not feel like you can be with them any more.

6.      Not Enough Attention

Similar to growing apart, feeling like you are not getting enough attention from your partner can lead to further issues and complications in the marriage. Not getting enough attention will often cause a number of other issues in the marriage and lead to irreconcilable differences.

7.      Two Years separation with consent

Due to certain restrictions on what can be classed as grounds for divorce, spending two years apart is often seen as the best way to gain an understanding from the courts. Therefore, if either one of you leaves the family home and you are living separately for two years, the courts will then allow this as a reason for divorce.

8.      Five Years separation without consent

This is often one of the final stops as a grounds for divorce, if there is no other way of being able to gain a divorce from your partner i.e. if they have left you for a continuous period over five years, and have not been contactable to obtain a divorce any other way, this is also classed as desertion.

Grounds for Divorce

These might be the most popular reasons married people have cited as their reason to divorce their partner; however, often the court will not allow a number of these to be cited as the reason for divorce, therefore it will have to be put through the courts under a legal ‘Ground for Divorce’. You can give 5 grounds for divorce.

If you are looking to start divorce proceedings and aren’t sure how, Vincents Solicitors are an experienced law firm, and can advise on what it takes to get your divorce proceedings started.

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