Divorce in 2013

by Lucy Reflect on May 9, 2013

A recent survey revealed that the UK has the highest divorce rate in the whole of the European Union, and that the divorce rate is actually on the rise.

According to recent statistics one in five couples in the UK are divorced after ten years, however, this figure decreases with longer relationships as just 2 per cent of weddings will end in divorce after 30 years. It seems as though the first ten years in any marriage are the most critical. This is backed up by the statistic that shows that half of all divorces occur within the first decade of a marriage. However, on a positive note the divorce rate has fallen in recent years after reaching a peak in 1993.

It’s suggested that couples that marry today make a more informed decision when it comes to tying the knot as divorce rates have fallen since the early 90s. This survey dug a little deeper into the stats and revealed that the majority of divorces occur between three and six years to be exact.

In a separate report that focussed on the costs of separation it was revealed that the legal ombudsman receives the highest number of complaints about divorce or family-law related cases. This makes divorce the most complained about area of law across England and Wales. In particular it’s believed that people are unhappy about their solicitors failing to advise them to settle courtroom battles before their costs ‘spiral out of control’.

There have recently been new rules implemented that will see less people entitled to receive legal aid as the Government looks to make more cuts. This has meant that many law firms have been inundated with calls before legal aid ends. This also means that many people wont be able to gain access to see a divorce solicitor which is a vital stage of the process as they will receive expert guidance and support.

It’s estimated that at least 70 per cent of family cases will not longer be eligible to receive legal aid.

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